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Rin_AsanoRin_Asano9 år siden
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Ahhhh at moment is the best setup XD
Alter ones are so big..and maybe it will be better to put Clalaclan in the bottom of detolf..cause when I move something, clala dances! and I don't wanna see her broken >_<

zzzzzzz new shining koto are so big..maybe I'll put all together in one shelf..
so sad cause I would like to put Melty near Elmina >_<

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Thats an awesome theme, forest + elves XD
4 år siden
Good setup. I planning to buy something like this. But I think to make back side and horizontal shelves from wood.
9 år siden
wow u had so much figure that i want =.="
9 år siden
Woow!!! Complimenti per la splendida collezione! XD
9 år siden
How do you make the shelves? O_O Are amazing *w*
9 år siden
Lovely Shining collection!
9 år siden
yes! light violet wall it's better than red wall (that I have in other room) XD
9 år siden
Love your shining colletion!!also the background works very well!!
9 år siden
lol I got my little ponies when I was young ^^

@Whacked : yes I made with wood and covered with this brown paper ^_^
9 år siden
I'm pretty sure you need to start a My Little Pony shelf.
9 år siden