Hinagiku no Yousei Daisy (Kotobukiya)Figures/

Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
MastraCustomMastraCustom4 måneder siden


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    Mar 29, 2020

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Lovely Daisy ^_^

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BOOTP4 måneder siden#77044227The eyes are amazing.
I agree with you *_*
Thank you!!

femaleotakugeek4 måneder siden#77065100Such a Beauty!
Oh yes, she's so pretty and sweet ^_^
Thank you so much :3
4 måneder siden
Such a Beauty!
4 måneder siden
The eyes are amazing.
4 måneder siden
astarte9524 måneder siden#77043680Flowers suits this beauties always.
You're right! :D
Thank you so much :3
4 måneder siden
Flowers suits this beauties always.
4 måneder siden