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Om dette bildet

Okay, so how bad is it? Not too good. Typical B'Full quality.

+ face and flowers pretty detailed
+ not many artifacts from 3d print for once (one on the veil)
+ veil looks really silky (but feels like sand paper)

- oversized box but undersized figure, she is a tiny 1/8 comparable to ITEM #78618 if you own her you will know how small that is
- her body shape is not Rikka, she is way too slim
- once again the fit of all parts is bad, hair/veil part comes off if you tilt the figure, metal rods of the base go in way too easily but not all the way down
- the whole figure is matte except the shoes being shiny, more shine would have been better
- the dress can't compete with other wedding figures, it's simplistic and lacks structure
- the details on her necklace, the hair and the total lack of see through materials differ from the prototype pictures, she is a lower quality version basically
- light shines through her middle section for some reason

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