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Rough drafting hair so I can further built up volume and sculpt later. Have more process photos in an album on my facebook page if you like to look at it further :) What I did was I printed my drawn reference out and trace over each strand of hair with my 3D pen. Though I could just add volume and melt the PLA from my pen that way and just putty as I go. I found it easier and quicker just to add polyester putty thinned out and just carving and adding more putty as I go. After that I just use my mini hand torch to slightly heat the PLA hair template and bend it to shape to look natural on Usagi. Take a bit of trial and error but after that I can just lather putty on the hair template and carve, sand and add more as I go. "Why don't you just use wire for reinforcement?" Cause PLA when you apply enough layers is rock hard and wont break, PLA I can trace what I need on paper versus just laying flat wire down. Plus if I need to oversand an area, I cant sand the wire, the PLA is easily sanda

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