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sme316 dager siden#82936273What is Urd's height?

I believe its 16 inches. Cold cast, not pvc.
16 dager siden
What is Urd's height?
16 dager siden
I'm sad to say I don't remember, it's been so long and yes a lot vintage figures. I've been collecting for 25 years. I could of gotten the statue of Morrigan at a convention, or comic book store, honestly I'm sorry I dont remember. I know the pictures are crappy but if you look closely there are tons of figures that are from old anime series. They did exist back in the day but now you are lucky to find one.
1 måned siden
Where did you get the Morrigan?
Also love how much vintage stuff you have I just started collecting so I didn’t know most of these existed
1 måned siden
Import from Japan

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