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Genos from Good Smile Company Pop Up Parade.

Photo and set made by me.

Sorry. I know that forest as background is stupid but i dont have good spot to capture my town.

Canon 80D 50mm
f/2,8 1/15s ISO 100

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IxianNavigator7 dager siden#83367341Did you really lit a fire for this shot?
No. I used small led lights.

jumpluff7 dager siden#83367317Love the framing!
Thanks. Was aiming in this.

Tisbis7 dager siden#83366952Awesome!ptitange236 dager siden#83368619Wow !! Very good work !!
Not really. No POTD :(
6 dager siden
Wow !! Very good work !!
6 dager siden
Did you really lit a fire for this shot?
7 dager siden
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
Love the framing!
7 dager siden
7 dager siden
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