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thank you so much for potd!
i never expected it ;_; i'm happy to see a lot of people like my collection ♡

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Goal, dream collection, so so perfect <3
5 måneder siden
Amazing set up!!
5 måneder siden
So beautiful! I love clean set ups.
5 måneder siden
This is anime pink aesthetic goals. *chef’s kiss* It’s beautiful!!!
5 måneder siden
sailor_rnoon can't stop buying JoJo stuff
I love all your photos of your collection!! So pink and cute!! Thank you for sharing them with us!
5 måneder siden
I'm guessing your favorite color is blue then.

this is rly pretty ♡
5 måneder siden
smegman5 måneder siden#91876785It's sooo pink
yes, pink everything xD
5 måneder siden
Zenana5 måneder siden#91876704Beautiful setup!! Can I ask where you bought the acrylic stands in your display case?
thank you!! i got them from amazon, www.amazon.co.u...
(search for ''acrylic display stand'' if the link is removed)
5 måneder siden
Meowchh5 måneder siden#91876521Your collection pictures are always lovely! Thank you for sharing :D
thank you so much!! it means a lot ♡
5 måneder siden
sandrafrancisco5 måneder siden#91875715so pretty!!! are you worried about madoka breaking?
thank you! ♡ and not at all, i think she is the sturdiest figure i have : D
5 måneder siden
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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