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I've never taken a picture of all of them together so finally today (after Strength anime version came) I finally did so. And only now do I see that I forgot some stuff. >.>

Oh, and that odd clear tuble WRS is sitting on is some packaging that I snatched up to use as a riser (it looks a lot better with my normal figure display that usually sits there though).

Btw, I'll get some better pics of Strength tonight. She's a great figure, although she is rather on the small size, especially when you see the giant box she comes in.

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Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
Oh! You put them on clear glasses do you could see them!
Great idea!!~
8 år siden
Wow! What a great BRS collection display.
9 år siden
whoa I'm quite jelly of your things >_<
9 år siden
.0. amazed...I just got my hands into BRSB XDDD from figma XD and I can see ALL this =x= I'm envious
9 år siden
Nevermind, I was blind. Nice collection.
9 år siden
Wow faithful BRS fan!
9 år siden
very nice BRS collection
9 år siden
nice that is a great BRS collection
9 år siden
drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
MichikoSo damn awesome! Even the light on the background xD

Glad you like it. :)
Ya, the lights have been there for sometime already (here's a better pic of the set up: picture/198600&... ). I normally just have about 11 or so figures on here (its the top of my bookshelf) but I didn't really have a better place to set everything out, so for this pic I moved everything off and put them all there. ^^
9 år siden
So damn awesome! Even the light on the background xD
9 år siden