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    Sep 14, 2021
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My most anticipate figure of the year!!
She is flawless! She is perfect! She is a Dream!

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Mpkk19 dager siden#102228722Your photo is soo amazing that its making me wat to get this figure myself!! amazing job!Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like that much <3 She is really perfect! I always recommend getting her lol
13 dager siden
Your photo is soo amazing that its making me wat to get this figure myself!! amazing job!
19 dager siden
SapphireSnail1 måned siden#101452413Yassssss <3w<3Yoooooossss >D
1 måned siden
Yassssss <3w<3
1 måned siden
Stinkycollects1 måned siden#101267961BeautifulThank you ^^~~
1 måned siden
1 måned siden
Jimbunny1 måned siden#101228128Your caption couldn't be more right, this is absolutely stunning, amazing work. She's so beautiful, makes me want to buy her even more,, :,> ❤️ Really looks like a dream.Thank you!! She is amazing! She is already one of my favorites from my collection <3 I hope you get her
1 måned siden
Minmingirl1 måned siden#101227224This photo looks like it almost comes from a illustration. So pretty!!!Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it <3
1 måned siden
chachachow1 måned siden#101227207You make her look better than the prototype (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡Thanks a lot ^^~ You're so kind! She is that pretty >////<
1 måned siden
SpunkNuggets1 måned siden#101226945This picture is magnificent, she looks so gorgeous.ChimcharTrainer1 måned siden#101228035Holy smokes, she is gorgeous in this pic!kimi_no_sora1 måned siden#101228218Beautiful shot! Dreamy!Thanks so much!! It means a lot <3
1 måned siden
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