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    Dec 17, 2021
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    Dec 12, 2021 - Dec 18, 2021

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WOW! I want her so bad!
3 måneder siden
Did you paint this? If not, who was it? Its master work.
5 måneder siden
I'm hoping this will be mass produced in the future!
5 måneder siden
So lovely! Happy to see my fave character of Genshin :3
5 måneder siden
Ina-Senpai Mochi-bean ʚ♡⃛ɞ
Oh man we need a pvc
5 måneder siden
That's a very well detailed garage kit, damn. Very high chance this gets picked up for mass production PVC.
5 måneder siden
I guess shes a garage kit, very rarely do i see garage kits that are way more perfect than mass production, this is certainly one. I searched, but this figure is not for sale. Its 1 of a kind.
5 måneder siden
where can we buy this?!
5 måneder siden
www.hoyolab.com... information about the source. i suggest you put it in the desc if you're not the original creator :[
5 måneder siden
PeachyKirby The Cyberpunk Collector
wowow shes so pretty!!
5 måneder siden
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