avalonexaavalonexa8 år siden
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    Feb 25, 2012

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orz been a while since the last time i visited here. busy2 or

xShiroSakura8 år siden#841087LOVE her eyes!
photoshoped it a bit~ :D Thanks XD

Meji8 år siden#841369So Yandere.
happy that it's well received! once i think the eyes not yandere enough

Lukeba8 år siden#841439Nicely done!
Thank u XD

phantom8 år siden#841567Maybe some effects in her knife would be better
I should have add some ==a too lazy

LeIouch8 år siden#841570Cute & Scary ^_^ .
She is! I dont mind a yandere if she's cute XD

Shuuru8 år siden#841610Yandere Miku indeed ^^
Thanks XD
8 år siden
Yandere Miku indeed ^^
8 år siden
LeIouch Vi Britania
Cute & Scary ^_^ .
8 år siden
Maybe some effects in her knife would be better
8 år siden
Nicely done!
8 år siden
So Yandere.
8 år siden
xShiroSakura Flagship
LOVE her eyes!
8 år siden
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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