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kotobukiya sega gynoid seto hiiragi_kagami izumi_konata bandai prop_plus_petit black_magician_girl lucky☆star one_coin_grande_figure_collection shueisha alois_trancy claude_faustus yu-gi-oh! bakura_ryou ex_figure shirahige_tsukuru asada_saki tatsumaki kaiba_seto yu-gi-oh!_duel_masters_one_coin_grande_vol._1_~duel_start!~ kaiba_mokuba yami_bakura kodansha yami_yuugi gabriel kuroshitsuji_2 kuroshitsuji_prop_plus_petit_vol._2 atem yu-gi-oh!_duel_masters_one_coin_grande_vol._2_~ancient_duel~ black_magician blue_eyes_white_dragon yami_malik touzokuou_bakura marik_ishtar ishizu_ishtar kisara mutou_yuugi jounouchi_katsuya honda_hiroto mazaki_anzu red_eyes_black_dragon takahashi_kazuki inosensu:_koukaku_kidotai yoshimizu_kagami yu-gi-oh!_duel_monsters one_coin_figure_series kabushiki-gaisha_nihon_ado_shisutemuzu nihon_ad_systems one_coin_grande_figure_collection_yu-gi-oh_duel_monsters_vol._1_~duel_start!~ one_coin_grande_figure_collection_yu-gi-oh_duel_monsters_vol._2_~ancient_duel~ innocence blue-eyes_white_dragon yami_marik

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I will make a better picture soon! Currenly, I'm busy with re-organising my detolfs, but I just wanted to show my complete Yu-Gi-Oh!-kotobukiya-figures-collection! :D I have the scaled Yuugi pre-ordered and can't wait for the upcoming Kaiba and Black Magician! :)

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SamuraiofHeiji8 år siden#1360877wow COOL DISPLAY !!!!

Oh! Thanks for your comment!

This picture is only quite old, I have moved to a new home a few months ago and this is how they are displayed currently (they have a loooot more space now luckily!): PICTURE #585467 and PICTURE #585465

Hope you also like it! ^^
8 år siden
8 år siden
PharaohBec9 år siden#1036305Oh Kuriboh, always the tease.

Oh wow, haven't seen that until now! :P
8 år siden
Oh Kuriboh, always the tease.
9 år siden
Mia-chanThose risers are perfect for the One Coin figures! ^^

They are a little bit too small, because you cant read all the texts behind them, but this way they take very little space! :)
9 år siden
Mia-chan ねんどろいどが大好き
Those risers are perfect for the One Coin figures! ^^
9 år siden
kidkaitoNice Collection ;3

Thank you! ^-^
9 år siden
Nice Collection ;3
9 år siden
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