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Thank you! The Grandmother's House set is featured outside of the playset (with the pics of Reimu). All of these re-ments are from various sets that I combined together. The table Kuro is using is from the Hot Springs set, the cushion she's sitting on is from the Kotatsu set (same goes for the oranges), the wooden shelf at the back is from a japanese furniture set (comes with the green plate, paper lantern lamp, and white vase), the round glass table at the back right is from the Asian Interior Decorating Shop set. The phone is from a furniture set you can get on ebay. Most of these can actually be found on ebay. I do a lot of my re-ment shopping at Janenatron (Esty shop) www.etsy.com/sh..., Otacute, and HLJ. J-List currently has the Grandmother's House set and Kotatsu in stock. www.jbox.com/SE...

If you need more info just send me a PM. :D
9 år siden
Shiddo 一匹狼
Lovely series of pictures!
Lovely accessories you have. Rly pretty set! It's all from that Grandmother's House you mention on flickr? Including all furniture, phone and lamps? Where you got it and how much was it pls? ^^
One rly can't tell those are two separate sets ^^ They are made for each other ^^
9 år siden