RacoonRacoon7 år siden

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one-year-old odd job
from polymer clay Fimo, 4cm

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Lovely! Very vibrant colors and delicate, smooth skin tones. Great work :D
7 år siden
Ishy Part time Puella Magi
You made it from Fimo?! Holy cow. O_O
7 år siden
It looks so cute!!!
7 år siden
There's this girl im my school that is working on a fantasy creature sculp with Fimo and she gave me a piece to work with. I just can't understand how some can work with it so well! D8
This is just stunning being made from Fimo!
7 år siden
I've been wanting to make figures with fimo for so loong ._. mahbeh.. I should actually do it
7 år siden
wow, this is amazing! Great work with this, she looks so cute :D
7 år siden
Cute :)
7 år siden
BlueMonday Baton-bu desu.
Most impressive.
7 år siden
WOW! So well made I thought it was a PVC figure until I read your note! Love all the details you were able to do with such a small figure! She's really cute!
7 år siden
So small! Yet so well detailed and cute. :D
7 år siden
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