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    Oct 03, 2012

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Can I order this dog from Amiami ?
5 år siden
such lesbian
much boys love
so fujoshi
6 år siden
6 år siden
Thanx for new desktop picture :3
7 år siden
Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
Oh my lord!! This is amazing!! One of the loveliest pictures on this site for sure!!*W*♥♥
8 år siden
One of the best pictures I've ever seen. Favorited right away.
8 år siden
Very calming atmosphere, I love it!!!
8 år siden
This picture is very relaxing :3
8 år siden
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
This is really great - so adorable! <3
8 år siden
Shiba ;u;
8 år siden