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Photo used with permission from KawaiiQiao
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This one should be better executed than my last one, so don't get all upset thinking I have something against women putting cosplay pictures of themselves up -I only find it silly that people go and vote 1 and make 'myFIGUREcollection.net OMG REAL PEOPLE ARRGGHH' comments.

blog: www.cvilleshutt...

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There's a bajillion places on the internet for photos of real people including a ton for cosplay; this is a place for figures. You also have a profile here in which to link to your RL photos and the option to make blog posts here linking to and showing those photos. Why do they need to be uploaded to the gallery here on a figure site? I am not mad about it (I didn't even clickthrough to her pictures when I saw them in the gallery nor did I rate them), I would like people to utilize the already abundant areas of the internet for people pictures to post up their pictures instead of putting them in a figure and merchandise site's gallery.
6 år siden
Dafuqs the point of this.
6 år siden
I don't think you really need to add fuel to the fire, do you?

You can also leave them trolls alone and move on.
6 år siden
but i have.

it's not a cosplay resource, it's figure base.
6 år siden
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