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Akashiya Moka is a very beautiful figure. However, what kind of background is suitable for her? Maybe photoshop is a good idea, but one camera shot would be more attractive.

The classic answer is the red moon, but red moon is so rare, and to use the moon as background requires not only photography technique but also photography equipment, not to mention the difficulty that we might meet when we try to find a suitable place to take the shot.

So, is there any other red aster we can use? Naturally the setting sun should do a good job maybe.

I tried this about 40 days ago on the beach of Repulse Bay. This is the first composition in which I used 70mm lens to let the setting sun cover the whole Rosario. The idea is simple and I find the result is not bad.

Hope you will enjoy this view. I will try the second composition when the weather is fine.

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This picture is really superb !
4 år siden
Amazing, beautiful picture!
5 år siden
So amazing again! I love your ideas for photos!
7 år siden
7 år siden
now this is an amazing shot! i am amazed by your photograph skills :O

Love your photos :)
7 år siden
bellechan7 år siden#1321719Great shot! You're a hero man!!
How many times did you try to take this shot, how long it took?

If my memory is right, I took about 150 shots...
7 år siden
oh my gosh, now this is an amazing shot!
7 år siden
beautiful shot my friend ^_^
7 år siden
AMAZING!!!! excelent job, and thanks for sharing it :)
7 år siden
YOU have great talent!! XDD
7 år siden