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    Feb 02, 2013

Om dette bildet

This time a photo of my desk as for February 2013. A lot has changed from last time: PICTURE #400932.

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hipozaurus is trying her best!
CinnamonFox7 år siden#1355267I hope to one day have a desk like this ;^; You'll surely have! I don't have many figures, they're just well exposed ;3

Leialie7 år siden#1349751Boże, jakie to cudne! :O Zazdroszczę takiego biurka!^^ Dziękuję ;w;
7 år siden
I hope to one day have a desk like this ;^;
7 år siden
Boże, jakie to cudne! :O Zazdroszczę takiego biurka!^^
7 år siden
hipozaurus is trying her best!
Thank you everyone, I'm so happy you also like my desk ;w; <33

replieshide@terramishu: It's GSC's Hayami Kohinata from H20 ~Footprints in the Sand~ ITEM #626 ^^ And Menma has a hairband with flower that I made myself :3 You can see it a bit better here: PICTURE #428291 xD

@-OJ-: My desk is from thick wood, I'd need to knock it really hard to make something fall. It's a really steady construction, they'll not fall over easily, lol xD

@R_Dorothy: That's why I try to keep happy faces on them xD This way it's easy for you to smile too ^^

@brut_all: Ja przy biurku też dość często jem, ale jako, że jestem dziewczyną, to może prawdopodobieństwo, że coś mi wyskoczy z talerza i poszybuje w stronę figurek jest mniejsze xDD Gorzej jak jem jakieś soczyste owoce, lol. Później jakieś kropki z soku znajduję czasem na figurkach xD

@wasabimiso: Yeah, I needed to put few nendos on my shelves which are on the left from the desk. Not far away, but they get a bit less of my attention D;
7 år siden
Oh nice!

May I ask, what is the scaled figure next the Saber (Alter, casual summer clothing)?
And what's on nendoroid Menma's hair? xD
7 år siden
Very impressive!

I would be too scared to sit there! You knock the desk once from beneath and something definitely falls over ^^"
7 år siden
Nice collection^^
7 år siden
Cool Desk
7 år siden
Lol same as mine,running out space. ;w;
7 år siden
7 år siden
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