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Persona 4 Arena 12" Vinyl

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Persona 4 Arena came out in Europe yesterday, and Preorders came with a 12" Vinyl of the Soundtrack included with the game! It's actually very nice. *Sorry for crappy iphone quality photo*

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That's really cool, yeah I got the AU copy so it didn't come with vinyl, but still came with digital pack and cd. Such a good game!
5 år siden
Take Virile Insatiable Beast
It's such a shame that only UK residents got the Vinyl bonus. Mine came today too but only with a regular CD. I don't understand the point of creating inegalities even within the same zone, when so many already exist between Europe and Japan/US :/ All the more as the excuse of language can't be used for a musical thing...
You guys in UK are lucky though =)
5 år siden