Only three broke throughVarious/


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    Sep 14, 2013

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Captain Mikasa.........................

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With this, my kind sir, you have just won the internet.

No, seriously, this picture made my day xD. I bet Shingeki no Kyojin would be 120% more scarier if Woody were to be a titan.
7 år siden
Daipyon Erina is my waifu!
This is scary D:
7 år siden
astrum the unnecessary guy
I. Love. This.
7 år siden
titan everywhere ^^!
7 år siden
lol...attack on...TITAN ? :D
7 år siden
Goge7 år siden#1729520Woody is pure win.
He was about to do some body slamming!

Raithos7 år siden#1729307LOL
Spot on

lol just coincidence didnt plan that in the first place

ippikiokamiotaku7 år siden#1729233You have officially made my day special because of this picture, it is now currently my desktop wallpaper.
Thanks for liking my picture. I just wanna share with everyone who likes it. Really glad it made your day special. Actually i wanna do a picture with the nendoroids looking into the distance then i thought maybe i should add a "titan" then it became like this lol

Koreantacos7 år siden#1729225This just exudes sexy xD
lol yeah pure manliness

Aiolos7 år siden#1729224the end of the world XD

RedCometz7 år siden#1729188run just run...

astarte9527 år siden#1728532the end of the world?

shinhawk7 år siden#1728307Everyone is screwed.
The titans are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Necromancer7 år siden#1729590lol XD
ptitange237 år siden#1729509loooool XD
terramishu7 år siden#1729296... omg xD lol
I was glad it made you laugh

maraiatori7 år siden#1729180Where's Mikudayo? D:
I only added those who are supposed to be good in armed combat such as swords miku's good in singing though lol
7 år siden
7 år siden
lol XD
7 år siden
Woody is pure win.
7 år siden
loooool XD
7 år siden
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