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lunarlemons Xiao my beloved ♡˖⁺
i also bought Keqings skin for when i lvl her, it’s to pretty. i might put her in my teapot so i can see it. :) i’m also excited for Ningguang’s free one!

i do have some ordered!! i feel like i need to lvl Keqing because of how much i like her character lol. i actually just recently got her tho, i will some day. hmm for me i would love love Childe, Albedo or Xiao. ik they probably won’t happen any time soon but i can hope bcs they are my favorites.
5 dager siden
lunarlemons Xiao my beloved ♡˖⁺
i know!! the double re-runs makes it difficult and then they make amazing characters like Itto. ╥﹏╥ i’m also looking forward to checking out Ayato. oh my gosh yess that Keqing skin is beautiful!! mine is lvl 1 but i’m still thinking about getting it when it’s discounted for when i lvl her. she’s honestly one of my favorites even though i don’t use her. and i love she shares an english VA with Emilia from re-zero.

oh noo! well if you do ever make a second account and it’s on NA then i’m happy to co-op. :)
17 dager siden
lunarlemons Xiao my beloved ♡˖⁺
tysm~ lol getting the Xiao re-run was the best birthday gift i could have asked for! :)

what server do you play on? maybe we can be friends! Happy New Year to you too.
18 dager siden
Hope you had a good time for Christmas if you celebrate it.

Oh, really? If you switched, that must be the right choice for you and I understand the space issue, I have the same. In addition, that 1/4 bunny you own has a large footprint.
I agree that the 1/4 scale (not only bunnies) is another slippery slope, better be very picky.
You must be super excited for the 1/7 Asuka and you were lucky to grab one of the last ones. Did you receive her?

Unexpected thing: GameHarbors sent me the balance invoice for Rei. Don't know if both 1/4 are releasing together, wait and see (It would be great haha).

My Sugotoys Miku order finally shipped, on dec 24, from Australia. I see you have her owned so, I guess you received yours? With Asuka it's a nice way to finish the year haha!
A lot of overseas customers seem to have issues with damaged packages, so I cross all my fingers.

Who knows for the Alter Asuka? Maybe they will re-release her together with their new Rei. I really like the Evangelion hype since Thrice Upon a Time. I'm super excited about the new Megahouse announcements ITEM #1394910 and ITEM #1394909 ! A long-haired Rei would be a great addition and this one is promising. And that closeness between Asuka and Mari... damn I'm happy that Megahouse dared that. I will probably pass on the Revolve Mari because this is the perfect one for me, obviously thanks to that closeness with Asuka.

Great that you rewatched the rebuild movies. I totally agree about Mari, I felt the same. Since Thrice I kinda accepted her and the important role she played although I think she stole the show a bit from Asuka and Rei and it's hard to accept.
That's maybe the reason why the Mari figure I'm the most excited for now is the Megahouse one mentioned above, incomplete without Asuka *evil laugh*!

That's also my opinion on the UC Twinmore object. They look fine in recent photos. Wait and see (still no news yet).

Glad you obtained a re-release of Mai Sakurajima, which seemed to be very limited. She is great, you won't regret! And thanks!
Yui Kotegawa is a great character. Her UC darkness figure skyrocketed and this re-release was very welcome.

This Alter Formidable figure will be brilliant for sure. Her boobs area is indeed... eye-catching lol! But that price hurts :(.
Aaah the 2nd Radio Eva line! Asuka is amazing. I prefer her a little compared to the 1st line. Congrats on ordering her!
Asuka and a few other characters definitely deserve an exception to the one figure per character rule. ATM I have 3 Asukas owned, 2 ordered and 2 wished. And I'm super picky Haha!

I already wish you a happy new year!

19 dager siden
I love your room set up, your taste in characters/figures, and your Kanae profile picture. cheers x
22 dager siden
Happy extremely belated birthday
24 dager siden
Yep. 7thNausicaa, who received the invoice for Asuka's balance payment several weeks ago, just told me that the store she ordered her from said that she is still under production and has no release date yet. This is a torture haha!

Wow I'm surprised that you don't have news from SugoToys for Miku since you live in Australia. No news on my side as well, despite I ordered her from them on september 2020, next to that they shipped 2021 orders... I really don't understand their sense of priorities! Pretty bitter too.

I was on the "why not" side for Asuka's 3D frame, but I'm pretty sure that I will pass.
Congrats for your order of Megahouse Misato! I hesitated A LOT and was about to pre-order her. I'm sure that she will be beautiful, you will love her.
New Misato figures are too rare, indeed.

That Rei figure is gorgeous. The sculpt is very precise and accurate. She will be one of the best Rei figures out there. I didn't decide anything for this one yet. Do you think to pre-order her?

On my side, my Eva store Twinmore object ITEM #1118573 is about to be shipped. Don't know if you followed the drama around this set, seems that Union Creative didn't surpass themselves on the QC, but I want to see by myself. The good news is that the Eva Store ver. Looks better...

I like a new Mari figure and this is SUPER rare: ITEM #1380620. This could be my first Mari. I see that you have the matching Asuka pre-ordered: very cool, as well as Aniplex's Mai Sakurajima!

And I'm super hyped by this Haruna darkness ver. ITEM #1319330, which I highly anticipated and pre-ordered a few weeks ago together with Kotegawa's rerelease ITEM #604902
1 måned siden
Hi! Hope you're fine. I just wanted to ask you if you had news about your Asuka resin? Some people have received their invoices for balance payment in the past few weeks.
See you,
1 måned siden
Happy late birthday. Sorry for this delay in wishing. Enjoy your next day too.
2 måneder siden
Your profile is so cute! <3
3 måneder siden
We are Spreading the Love of All Japanese Figures and Games! Warehouse, Pay-later & Worldwide Shipping Available !

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