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Hi! Its all good haha. Unfortunately i don't have him :( i will get him one day but i only have the blue johnny sas! And he looks awesome, don't really have any complaints :)
8 dager siden
Thank you!
9 dager siden
jotakak レロレロレロレロ
woo! i'm glad to have a date for the items. that'll be a little something to look forward during these times.
16 dager siden
thank you so much for the help, I was able to swap my RAH head successfully!
16 dager siden
sailor_rnoon can't stop buying JoJo stuff
19 dager siden
sailor_rnoon can't stop buying JoJo stuff
Star Platinum > Joutaru but... let's work together!!!

I love Star Platinum, you love... ORA ORA.... <3
23 dager siden
jotakak レロレロレロレロ
hmm, all the stuff i ordered from the namco website (via fromjapan as my proxy) says june as well. i guess that's just when they're shipping the online order merch out. interesting..
1 måned siden
jotakak レロレロレロレロ
i agree, i love the designs on the scarves!

also, i think that june shipment date is correct. i guess that namco is selling them at the event from 3/5 (and the other locations start dates) and then shipping out some in june? i have no clue on that part, though. i'm not sure if i should update the pages for those items for a june release as well or not.
1 måned siden
jotakak レロレロレロレロ
same, not a fan of the badges or stickers really. i might pick up the part 3 ribbon scarf cuz it's pretty cool looking. :o
1 måned siden
jotakak レロレロレロレロ
Thanks! Also, I managed to get those little round plushies and a Jotaro file just now from the Namco Parks website, they have some of the other event items if you're interested!!
1 måned siden

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