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A friendly guy who dived late into anime figure collecting
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Om Meg

Welcome to my page!

I'm Architect and designer, fallen in love with Japanese pop and traditional cultures, enthusiast of mangas, animes, and of course, figures.
I started collecting in late 2018 with GSC's figure of Kurisu Makise, the very first character that attracted me to the rabbit hole that is figure collecting.

I am always glad to meet new people in this friendly community so, feel free to talk!
Sorry if I make some english mistakes.
~~~~~~Best shows: Steins; Gate and Evangelion

Best characters: Kurisu Makise, Rintarou Okabe and Asuka Langley.
Yeah, I love tsundere's with red hair!
~~~~~~My collecting rules, to stay as picky as possible:
- Focusing on scale figures, mainly from 1/8th to 1/6th
- Only figures of characters I know and I like
- Only one figure per character, except for a few favourites
- Focusing on figures faithful to the character's appearance in the source material or official arts (with some exceptions if I love the design)
~~~~~~Next to anime figures, I also own some models of vehicules from french/belgian comics, lithographs, aircraft desktop models, Art Deco objects and film cells.
~~~~~~One of my favourite pictures, just for fun: Asuka as a Race Queen next to the 1953 Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane.



My best of, owned or ordered

Coming very soon or on the way4

Shin Seiki Evangelion - EVA-02 (Hive, Oniri Créations)Nekopara - Vanilla - 1/6 - China Dress Edition, STD Ver. (Alphamax)To LOVEru Darkness - Kotegawa Yui - 1/6 - Limited ver. (Union Creative International Ltd)Nekopara - Coconut - 1/6 (Hakoiri Musume)

Instant pre-order when available3

Having a look13





Characters I hope a scale figure of:
(or something different than what exists)



Yeah I noticed you already have Two Zero Uniform ver. (Aniplex) which the price jumped sharply. It's best to try watching the anime as soon as possible, and then I'll see if she will be more attractive to me Xp
8 dager siden
Thanks for the info. I meant to say why did you go to buy Zero Two? Do you like her character, workmanship, or is just you favourite, what else ???
I like it but not so much that I would pre-order it right away (I don't know what to think about part of the waist and cleavage part of the dress, and I haven't watched the anime either, if I'm not mistaken). After the quick sale, I wonder if I might just grab it and pre-order it.
8 dager siden
Can you tell me why you went shopping?
8 dager siden
Still good.
Well, to be honest, due to the current lack of money, I haven’t been able to buy from globalfreaks yet. But I have a purpose.
I'm glad I was able to help a little :)
9 dager siden
Just so you know your inbox is full so I can't send a reply to your latest message.
Cheers, Momo
11 dager siden
Thank you (will receive it tomorrow-after approximately 5 months with second figure by DHL shipment / hopely intact). I hope that you get 'big' package as soon as possible.
17 dager siden
How does your order from NinNinGame / Amazon show?
They finally sent me a figure paid last year and I will get it this week. I will obviously have to wait a while, for the other already paid orders and figures that have ben released. At least something is moving forward.
18 dager siden
C'est pareil pour ma statue de Femto haha, j'ai pas de place ! ('-')"" On se montrera le résultat !
25 dager siden
Vu ton talent tu vas sûrement pouvoir lui faire une petite vitrine personnalisée! Style cube!
25 dager siden
Holy, c'est bientôt !! Je t'envie !! Tu lui as prévu une vitrine rien que pour lui ?

Ah oui t'as carrément essayé de traduire, t'es volontaire ! Mais oui haha l'intrigue est mostly très visuelle en effet
26 dager siden
Japan's #1 Collector Toy Company

Om Oss

Architect, furniture designer
Steins; Gate, Neon Genesis Evangelion + rebuild, Chobits, GTO, High School DxD, Food Wars!, Darling in the Franxx, Akashic Records, Saekano, Bunny girl senpai, Houseki no Kuni, Attack on Titan - Movies: A silent voice, Harmony
All about Architecture and Design, various mangas, French and Belgian comics (especially Universal War)
MOE Poeng
Black hair, Red hair, Tsundere, Cat girls, China dresses
Sony Nex-5
Too old!





Some of my Arts: