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An aging anime and manga fanatic who just started figurine collecting in Feb 2012. ^_^



Hello, interested in your Kageyama nenderoid! Singapore buyer here!
17 dager siden
Hi! I saw your post on selling Yamatonokami Yasusada's nendoroid and I'm interested!
I live in Singapore too. Thanks! (:
2 måneder siden
Hi! I saw that you are selling an Ash Lynx figure, I’m in Singapore and I’m interested. Please contact me on my side account @tiiacoo on Instagram. Thanks~!
2 måneder siden
3 måneder siden
Thank you :)
1 år siden
Leosach Born this way
1 år siden
Leosach Born this way
LOL I guess I ll never stop collecting specially when they continue digging older series I Love... did you see? after 85 years they started Hetalia nendos!!! lol

Im fine... and always around... lately my only obsession is Boku no Hero, Black Clover, Mahou SHoujo Site and both Games Idolish and Love Live (Why I fell in Idol Hell... such an Idiot...) and you?
2 år siden
Leosach Born this way
hiiiiiiiiii miss ya! how you've been dear?
2 år siden
Leosach Born this way
Atheist13 år siden#16482730Hi Leo!! Missing you. <3
Quick one - tell me you have been watching & loving Yuri!!! On Ice.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS OMG I scream so much after every single episode... on the one that they kissed I had all my non existent ovaries in true explosion... I almost fainted ahahahahahah Took a LOT to sleep and who said I could do that? I fangirled with friends for tons of time... geez... AND NOW THEY ARE WEARING RINGS???? IM like Phichit kun fangirling hahhahahahahaha God lol
3 år siden
Leosach Born this way
Atheist14 år siden#13413266Hi Leo! Share your thots on the recent WF?

That was a wonfest i swear I need to put all my streght to be calm... so MUCH stuff... Free Figures! so much... i even felt desperate sometimes hahahahahh BUT BUT BUT Im still strong made the complete crazy and blind kind of guy, and pretended that several stuff didnt exist....

Left this whole wonfest proud and for next year based on wonfest Ill have only 2 scales (Alter Eli from Love Live, Alter Reiji from Utapri) and 4 nendos (Mami Maiko, Iwaizumi, and the two KoF Nendos)

from the Maybe list with several possibilities comes Megurine Luka by MF, Albedo from Overlord by GSC and Meiko Hanaigoromo by Aniplex

Main goal this second semester is to ged rid of some debts "be clean" and for next year my main priority is to build my home! need my own house lol so figures next year will be totally on second plan....... dream with my otaku secret room and a much better display for my figs right now i have stuff on box, dont have space anymore for anything thats why also I dont wanna even buy LOL

BTW when your city is the city of the Olimpic games... Geez that sucks... Swear I never wanted to leave Rio as I want now hahahahah
4 år siden
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