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Hello~! Welcome to my page! I'm still 16 year old, quite young for a collector, but hey.. it's a hobby right? I like to draw, cook, and play some videogames~ So.. there you are, about myself, you can start talking to me, don't worry.. I won't bite~ :3

Well.. since kindergarten.. my family already starting to collect Star Wars figures, except for my father, since he don't agree about collecting toys~ :| Anyway... because of that, we are rarely to buy other toys. One day.. I started to love anime because of my friends, TV, and internet.. >.<~ I wanted to buy some, but my parents refuse to buy anime figure. I found many anime figure in store, especially Figma Len & Rin.. but still my mother refuse to buy that, that's why the Kagamine twins figma are sold to my friend~ (at least I still can have a look). Finally my mother is going to Singapore and I told her to buy any anime figure in my list. Then.. voila~! I got Figma Kirino Kousaka. That's what I got for 16th birthday~ After that.. i was poisoned by the anime figures.. started to buy more.. more.. and mooarr~! @_@
Well.. that's all I guess.. the point is.. I'm starting to collect at the day this account was created, 25 August 2011. So.. please, don't shy to talk with me~! I will read your info and I'll try to ask anything about figures, cause I'm still new with this hobby. >.<

It's been a half of year I guess.. Well.. so far, my collections grows.. but, this is getting to far, sometimes I can't stop to order figures.. >w<~

But thanks to limited money (lol of course xD), I'm started to be real picky for figures.

Also I'm interested to take a pictures of my figures, but unfortunately these time I can't done that, since my house is quite messy right now, but I was still looking forward to it, by taking my figures to outdoor~! (It's quite dangerous though) x3

And I also on a middle of something great I suppose.. but it finished on next year.. January 2013.. >w< (Can't wait for it, I'll upload some photos of my "project" in January 2013.. xD)
Well I guess that's for now, see ya later~! >w<~/

Thanks for visiting my profile~! ^^

Anyway, here's my other account link:
Only a tiny Star Wars database here.. so.. xD


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Happy Birthday !! :D
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koleksi makin banyak aj nih~
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Happy Birthday ;)
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Happy birthday! :3
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Happy Birthday! ^^~!
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Atroposmac7 år siden#1311377Sorry for super long reply, Thanks for letting me know, and I've joined the group thanks~! ^_^
No worries, thanks a bunch for joining! :)
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Hello! I see you are a member of the club 'Shota Lovers'. Since the only admin of the club was terminated, I created a new one called Shota ♥ Love. Feel free to join and help spread the word around being it's very new!
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trnyata punya PVC ny makaron toh..
berapa harganya?
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