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https://68.media.tumblr.com/7c65e78d6b57bed56079e312839141dd/tumblr_ou6urg2ld81w3zxt4o1_250.png https://66.media.tumblr.com/27eac4d1f1043b15efa63e4e1500c3ef/1fd9dbb2a96e209d-cf/s100x200/bdc1ad8dc0e89a3f9647280980b61984e4242e9c.gif https://68.media.tumblr.com/a4614ced02e28c9ad121569a3c0eb56e/tumblr_ou6urg2ld81w3zxt4o2_250.png




Thank you! And happy birthday to you as well! :D

4 måneder siden
Happy Birthday! Have a great day <3
4 måneder siden
Thank you! And how funny! Happy (even later) birthday to you too then! :D
1 år siden
I ordered Sora x 3 + Ten Count figure....... separately from Hibari x 3...... cuz... I wasn't sure when the preorders would close and I wasn't gonna risk it lol, turns out I totally could have ordered it all in one, including BOTH Ten Count figures... I think only Riku woulda been separated... but anyway, too late haha. It's ok, I'm gonna split the shipping with two friends. I didn't want Sora, my friends did. ^^ I have all 3 Hibari Nendoroids still in box, been super sick so I haven't even touched them, don't wanna contaminate with my germs XD wheeeeeeee!!!!!! I can't wait... gonna have him in 3 poses <3 <3 <3
1 år siden
GSC shipped out Sora Nendoroids and Hibari Nendoroidssss <3 of course, in two separate boxes... really, they should learn to consolidate to save themselves some shipping costs >< ahahaha~
1 år siden
Just got charged for Hibari Nendoroids YESSSSSS IT'S HAPPENING!!!! FINALLY!!!
1 år siden
Just got charged for Hibari Nendoroids YESSSSSS IT'S HAPPENING!!!! FINALLY!!!
1 år siden
Yeah, it's really frustrating because back in 2014~, there were people selling whole sets of the Ragnarok Online figures for really good prices. If I knew about them back in the day (I played from 2005-2009), I would have snatched them up immediately.

I've seen some Acolytes, but was too relax about trying to them and they slipped away. I've never seen a Hunter, ever.

Thanks for the heads-up about the Chinese sellers on eBay. I've only purchased a Crusader from them, and thankfully it was legit.
1 år siden
Seriouslyyyyyy~ pushed back AGAIN. killing me here! haha. I hope he's extra perfect when he comes...... all three of him........ <3 and thanks for the bday wishes!
1 år siden
Thank you very much
2 år siden
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