• we have the same figures in the wishlist and the other first category. *___* love >love live<
    whats your pair in love live ?
    4 år siden
    As a professional photographer I just wanted to say that I think your photos look great!
    As a collector, I'm amazed!

    - Stereo
    5 år siden
    lol, hi Baki! I finally decided to make an account. /LATE
    6 år siden
    Thank you for accepting my friend request!
    6 år siden
    I am super jelly of your Nendoroid Petite Touhou's lol. But man what a freaking collection you got here. This is awesome!
    6 år siden
    WAI DO YOU HAVE SO MANY FIGURESSSS WHAT IS MONEY?!?!?! Baki6 år siden#1886095Heeeeey~ Welcome to MFC!
    6 år siden
    hello Baki! Thanks for the friend request :D
    6 år siden
    WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
    Nice avatar :D
    7 år siden
    Woohoo!!! Slippery Slope here we go!
    Baki7 år siden#1290812Heeeeyy~ you finally got one! Welcome to MFC!
    7 år siden
    Happy birthday!
    8 år siden
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