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Om Meg

I’ve been an Anime enthusiast for over 25 years. My 5 very first Anime ever watched were Ninja Scroll, Akira, Ghost in the shell, Dragon Ball Z and Ronin Warriors! However, Ninja Scroll was the one Anime that got me hooked. I grew up in Norway and there was a limited amount of Anime to watch there so when I moved to the USA in mid-1999 I watched DBZ every Thursday after school (yes EVEN after they would repeat episodes while waiting for the next 10 episodes to be released in the USA)… I’ve been watching Anime ever since! Practically obsessed with Japanese culture/Art/People/Language and would almost give my left tes…. Hmm… Anyways, Give almost anything to learn Japanese from either a Native or someone who’s from Japan (Yes I would take someone who’s first or second generation Japanese/American who speaks fluently) Maybe one day I will be able to speak it fluently. I lived in South Korea for (accumulative) 3 years and have visited Tokyo during that time. I loved everything about Japan and wish I could live there. Anyways, I didn’t start collecting Anime figures until I was in little Tokyo in Los Angeles and bought my first scale figure off of the shelves in the largest Anime store I have ever been in!
One Piece, Naruto, Gantz, Berserk, Ikkitousen, Freezing, Maken Ki, Basilisk, Dragonball / Z / Super, Trouble kids are coming...., And many more!
Final Fantasy all, (right now FFSIV) Modern Warfare, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Monster hunter world and more
Almost everything
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Hello ^-^
Nice to meet you and Thanks for the FR,
I really like ya collection :)
7 måneder siden
Battles3dge (9 måneder siden) #22108681You have a very nice collection! I do the same, I buy figures I like ^_^

Thanks for the post.
You got a great collection yourself too.
We got some similar things. lol
9 måneder siden
Welcome to MFC dear Battles3dge !
You are starting to own a great little collection there, keep going ! :)
1 år siden
Welcome to the board Battles3dge! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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