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Om Meg

Howdy doo, everyone! I am ChocolateSpider, AKA: "Spidey-kun!" I am a tiny jumping spider with a big love for anime and video games. I have Asperger's Syndrome, a high-functioning form of Autism, but I do not let that stop me from enjoying life and pursuing new opportunities for anything I find fun. (◕ヮ◕)

I have been a collector of anime/video game merchandise for nearly a decade, but have become much more active in my collecting hobby over the past three years. It all began at the tender age of 7 when I played my first video game, "NiGHTS Into Dreams." For the full origin story of how I became the nerd I am today, read this blog

People ask me if I had to chose between anime and video games. My answer is video games. Anime is wonderful and all, but it just doesn't compare to the interactive element video games give you. Here is a list of some of my favorites.

Assassin's Creed
Banjo Kazooie
Crash Bandicoot
Dead or Alive
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy
God of War
Jak and Daxter
Kingdom Hearts
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
Ninja Gaiden
Ratchet & Clank
Shovel Knight
Sly Cooper
Sonic the Hedgehog
Spyro the Dragon
Street Fighter
Super Smash Bros
The Legend of Zelda
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

I am always up for chatting about video games, so tell me about games you are excited to play or are waiting for.

Rachnera from Monster Musume is my one true waifu!

I live only to be punished by my beautiful arachnid mistress.


I enjoy writing loot and review blogs here on MFC; I always try my best to make them entertaining and well written. Please take a moment to read some of my blogs. I hope they make you smile. The action figures in my collection are quite playful and mischievous. They love messing with my photoshoots by photobombing and doing other shenanigans. (◕◕)

I also manage a club here focusing on pooling together what the collector community is wanting from figure companies. Take a moment to check it out tell us what you want for your collection. CLUB #583

As for my vast collection, I try to keep everything organized and categorized. Below you can see all the Japanese items I own, ordered, and am hunting for. I also have several figures for sale. I am in the process of purging all unneeded items from my dwellings. If I have something you are interested in, feel free to ask about it. You can also see a full tour of my collection and the rest of my room in this article. (◠ ◡ ◠)

If you like, you can also follow me on this list of social media sites.
Tokyo Otaku Mode

Twitter is my main platform. I often make tweets about new information regarding video games, anime and collectibles there, but everywhere else I just post pictures with links to the same pictures I upload to MFC.

I am also an avid music lover. It all began with a video game based radio show I did for a few years in college. Now I almost always have video game soundtracks playing in my room when I am when I am doing photoshoots, cleaning or whatever.

Here is a list of some of my favorite jams! (✧ω✧)




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Thank you! ^_^
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Thank you for the birthday wishes!:)
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Ohhh Thank you so much dear <3 and in French this year ! It's today my birthday always mistake with tsukiboard XD (since 11 years)
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THANKS YOU, HAHHAHA. I appreciate it :) so nice of you to keep the tradition going
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Thanks so much.
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Thank you!! (* ^ ω ^)
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lol Thanks, person I am totally sure is a spider! :)
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Thank you :D
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FigureEnthusiast1 måned siden#100095278Hey! So sorry to get back to you so late. I am doing well and trust you are?
Excellent collection!

Good to hear your are well. I am doing ok also. Just busy making some adjustments at my new place. :3
1 måned siden
Hey! So sorry to get back to you so late. I am doing well and trust you are?

Excellent collection!
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