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Om Meg


Hey, as you might've figured out already my name's Dan. Being a touchy-feely straight guy, the most important body asset that a woman could have is a great pair of breasts, and has a 'bit of meat' on her in general. Some good "celebrity" examples would be Carmella Bing, Tessa Fowler, Anissa Kate, Shion Utsunomiya, Sensual Jane. These would be the kind of women I'd recruit for top modeling jobs to represent the pinnacle of beauty.

Unfortunately this is not the common standard in real life, where either extreme is promoted instead; the large majority of 'top models' are either flinter thin OR they let go of maintaining the "great pair, bit of meat" state and become "plus size" instead. But to be fair, yeah it is hard work to constantly maintain, and everyone should have the freedom to follow their sexual preferences, how they want to go through life etc.

Disappointed with this reality, I sought refuge in the world of anime where nothing is held back or twisted/manipulated by said reality; everything is possible. To say that my needs have been met through this goes a bit far, but I did come across some very talented + like-minded artists who were blessed with the skills to visualize it in great detail, and for that I am glad.

There's real value in collecting figures and goods, sometimes literally if the price goes up in the aftermarket, but especially in the coping sense. In this world that I've created for myself, I can be honest about how I feel and surround myself with what aligns with that, without having to worry about betrayal brought on by inevitable and eventual change (human nature, c'est la vie). Purity, freedom, identity...these are the true keys to happiness. And with those 3 intact, the downsides are manageable in comparison.

Of course it would be terribly shallow if it was all about the body and nothing else, so I will say that personality wise, the easier it is to tease a woman and be flirty with, the better. On the other hand I'm also a huge sucker for the caring Onee-San type (ARA ARA) and yes, the jealous type. Some girls may look the part, but if they don't vibe with me on a personal level then I'm much less inclined to collect stuff of them.

I consider all the ones you see here to be of 'waifu tier' quality but if you told me that I had to choose 1 waifu out of all my favorites for something exclusive (such as a life size figure) then I'd pick Azur Lane's Taihou. Azur Lane is unmatched in the sense that it has a big range of these waifu tier girls for anyone's preferences overall, but just about anything produced by Azarashi Soft / Atelier Kaguya / Squeez (Milk Factory) / Hadashi Shoujo really hits the spot in the waifu department for me personally. When a character in an eroge / game or anime / manga hits waifu tier, I try to buy at least 1 item of her as my way of appreciating them and the artist. The rest is comprised of OC's that I really like the looks of.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what my collection is based on in a nutshell. There are a bunch of unmentioned smaller details that I love like the maid / teacher themes, or how sexy birthmarks are on certain spots of the female body, but it would simply take too long to mention it all. So, this will have to do! ;)



A few stellar art examples of MOE points


thank you so much for the birthday wish!https://64.media.tumblr.com/4e1e5d62fe5783e48d3887e9d93e07b6/b25d36dc1a5ec332-21/s75x75_c1/3a252673e7bd4648d5155f91f83b96c07ce0bac7.gif♡and im happy to see
someone else who knows about this company, the girls are the cutest ;_;
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Thank You for the Birthday Wishes!
I really appreciate it!
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MrCrono6666 dager siden#109562208Here we go! I found her on MFC, but she's just so impossible to find D:
ITEM #189315

Dang, it's 8 years old huh...those kits are hard af to find based on that alone already. With so many people hunting for her I think this is a pipe dream, but of course I'll let you know if I come across it by pure chance :P
5 dager siden
Here we go! I found her on MFC, but she's just so impossible to find D:

ITEM #189315
6 dager siden
Just thought I'd ask since you seem like a well established due :) The figure I'm looking for is this one..... myanimeshelf.co...

I've done everything I can to find it, but to no avail. She's basically my super grail! T_T
6 dager siden
Your inbox is eternally full; I'm looking for some pretty rare Super Sonico GKs and wanted to see if you had any thoughts on the matter....send me a pm please! :D
6 dager siden
urmom6915 dager siden#109236864Thanks for the bday wishes, I hardly ever come to this site so sorry for the late reply lol Oh man that's HOT. I might actually order, most of my figs are stuck in surface mail rn but it's worth it for me because I saved around $300 xD

No worries man! And if you'd get her as well that'd be noice :^)
15 dager siden
Thanks for the bday wishes, I hardly ever come to this site so sorry for the late reply lol Oh man that's HOT. I might actually order, most of my figs are stuck in surface mail rn but it's worth it for me because I saved around $300 xD
15 dager siden
Ok checked the article… acrylic figures huh? So like the acrylic plates, but cut out in the shape of the character? Ok out of the options you gave me I rate it nay and or gay with the (?).

I can see some of the appeal, but if you’re asking if they’re on actual figure levels then no. Having said that, yeah you can make a mean-ass wall collage/diorama with plenty of those things. The one in your article was hella nice.

No I hadn’t seen that Yae Miko figure and couldn’t find it either after seeing your pic. Send me a link to it so I can scope her out properly.

Also, later on I’m probably gonna pm you an interesting discussion I’ve been having with Oscar for days now. It involves the worldviews and politics and all that stuff that I know you like getting into. Spoiler: we’re debating abortions being allowed and I still don’t know how this even started, but he won’t let it go. Well that and he’s really propping Christian’s up… for some reason. Anyway talk to you later bro.
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LittlePisces21 dager siden#109054705Hey sorry for stalking. I just want to remind you to be careful of linking that user's profile. Since they are minor age. Not saying it was you, but my minor friend has been bullied lately by so-called adults and her mental health hasn't been going well.
Sorry if I interrupted your convo.
P.S Nicole is still beautiful than that cardboard cut-out goat.
No worries Angie, I fully understand your concern. Regarding the the owner of those links I am aware they are a minor and did share them with Dan.

However, I didn't actively seek the owner of those links out. That person and I reside in the same figure collecting Discord server and they have their links in their bio on Discord. Danny and I aren't going to bully the kiddo, nor have we suggested that anyone else should. We were only talking about the ridiculousness of the neo pronoun fad going on right now and I was sharing with him a visual example how deep that rabbit hole goes. ^^'

I am sorry to hear about your minor friend though. While I do believe kids should be called on stupid and/or bad behavior, I don't believe in harshly bullying them. A good scolding is enough for me.

P.S: "Nicole is still beautiful than that cardboard cut-out goat."? Is this code for something? o.O
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Best Goods from Japan

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Fire Emblem, SMT, Senran Kagura, Yugioh, Closers, PoE, Azur Lane, Action Taimanin, Lost in Paradise, Kamihime Project + some other DMM games, eroges
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