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DenpaNyanNyan (1 år siden) #22512303Hey, sorry for the very late reply. I haven't been active here much until recently since I bought a load of new stuff hehe :)
Funny enough, I have to study accounting too as part of my final year for uni as my course is about technology in a business environment. I probably won't be studying it as much as you but I have to know the basics at least, which doesn't seem too difficult. It's not really my thing though, I'm doing the course mainly for the computing side of things which I find most interesting.
Ah yes, I love that song, it's so cute and funny. So many Nicos XD Yeah Love Live does vary a lot with the genres which is another thing that keeps me interested in the series. Some songs are even a mix of genres or I think they are at least, which I really like. The first NicoRinPana song I listened to was After School Navigators, which has a rock/metal style and is pretty awesome coming from the cutest trio haha. Also same here, before I started getting into anime and Japanese music, I listened to just metal pretty much. I listen to different sub-genres of metal though like Folk Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, etc. At first it felt kinda weird listening to music that isn't metal and while I enjoyed it, it seemed hard to accept. I accept it now though :) But after discovering anime vocaloid and other J-music, I felt like my mind had suddenly became more open in terms of music interest. Like, I never used to like electronic styles of music much but now I don't mind :)
A few more months now and the second season will be here :D Yeah I know, some of the characters expecially Kanan didn't get featured much but probably will in the second season. I think it was like this for Nozomi or one of the charatcers from μ's. The second season will probably be better too. Yeah same for me too, the only voices I can recognise are mostly Ruby, Kanan and sometimes You but it is hard to tell apart, I agree. :/
Thanks. I would like to complete Muse in figure form, but they probably would be in different outfits and not matching at first XD But right now, I have mostly Love Live figures and I would like to get some from other series too. Some of the figures I have ordered are from Oreimo, To Love-Ru, Eromanga Sensei and Moetan. I have also ordered yet another Nico, a Chika figma and pre-ordered a Ruby nendo, t-shirt and fan XD So I got quite a few things to look forward to. Now, I just need to figure out where they are all going to go in my room haha.

Oh hey, I hope you've been doing well! Yeah the basics of accounting aren't bad, not fun of course but I think it's pretty easy to understand. I'm really dreading the classes I'm taking after my summer classes though. I don't know why I even have to take statistics and business law for accounting. x_x

Yes I love After School Navigators! It sounds so intense and cute and it's basically just about food, which makes it even better. Yeah I still get excited whenever I hear a new rock song from Love Live like Thrilling One Way or Strawberry Trapper but a lot of my favorite Vocaloid and Love Live songs are poppy stuff I never thought I'd like, like Psychic Fire and Suki desu ga Suki desu ka. I'm definitely a lot more open to different genres nowadays.

I know, so exciting!! I personally hope Aqours gets a third season, given the second season is happening somewhat early on in their life cycle. There's just no way they can split up already, we still haven't even gotten duet/solo songs! Yeah Rin and Nozomi got their episodes in the second season but poor Umi never got an episode at all lol. She didn't really need one though. I feel like a lot of the Aqours girls need more character episodes, like You's was kind of lackluster and Kanan definitely needs more screentime haha. So many of their voices are on the higher end which makes it harder for me, and then there's Yoshiko who basically has two voices. But I can pick out Mari sometimes because of her accent and You's voice is pretty distinct too.

Oh man, the only one of those shows I've seen is Oreimo lol. Definitely heard of the others though. So many figures! Setting up displays is a lot of fun though, for me at least haha. I'm planning on only collecting the Aqours Nendos so I really hope no other Aqours figures tempt me. The Ruby Nendo looks so cute!
1 år siden
DenpaNyanNyan (2 år siden) #16311571Not when I enjoy what I'm studying, haha. I study computing as I like computers. I have no idea right now if I will get that game but it will probably be fun :)
That song is one of the ones I enjoy most. I like the layout and melodies of the song as well as the singing. Snow Halation is ok but it doesn't make me want to listen to it more and more. I've noticed it is a popular choice. Yes, that is one of the reasons why the Nico song sounds good, and because it's Nico of course. The thing I like about some anime and J-music is that they don't always stick to one style and use multiple styles, which makes it more interesting to me. Plus rock/metal style will always be my favourite :D I find the tsundere parts quite funny, haha. There are a few subunit songs on the CDs I have so I have listened to some. Diamond Princess no Yuuutsu is one I like but I prefer Nico's solo version tbh. Love Novels is good too and I first heard it in this video which is some edit with Nico and Maki, not surprising at all XD Listen to my heart! is another one I enjoy listening to sometimes even though I wouldn't normally listen to songs with titles like that lol. But I enjoy how it sounds. :)
Yeah the rest of the season was great and I enjoyed most of it. That last episode kind of let it down for me, but never mind. A second season should be good if they do it well. They might even meet muse in the second season, which is what a lot of people are hoping for, I guess. Aqours is still growing on me but I still like muse more overall at the moment. It would have been nice if Sunshine had more differences. I think the fact that it was based in a different area near the sea was a nice difference, and the girls themselves do have their differences as you say.
Thank you. I got two good Nicos as well as some other characters like Honoka, Eli, Kotori and Hatsune Miku :D

That's so great that you enjoy what you're studying! I'm studying accounting, which I can't exactly say I enjoy since it can be pretty dry (soo maany spreadsheeets), but I do like it more than most other things I've studied.

Have you listened to Nico Puri? That song is hilarious, I once tried counting how many times she said Nico in that song but I eventually lost count. Yes, I love the genre variation that Love Live has, especially with the different styles of the subunits! I have a soft spot for soo many of the songs tbh. I know what you mean with the song titles, I was basically only into rock/metal before all the Vocaloid and Love Live so loving songs like Cutie Panther and Shiranai Love*Oshiete Love (aka I Don't Know Love*Teach Me Love) is...different. XD Also just have to say that NicoRinPana is the cutest trio ever, I wish they would have had more songs together!

Yep, can't wait for the second season! I just want to see the girls interact as a group more often since it felt like the first season was mostly year group drama. And if the first two seasons of Love Live are any indication, the second season of Sunshine will be even better than the first! :D I'm also very impatiently waiting for more Aqours music, particularly duets and solos. I still can't tell apart their voices. :(

Nice, you got a lot of different (great) characters! Are you planning to complete muse in figure form at any point? I wasn't planning on it but there was no turning back when I had a good number of the nendos. x.x
2 år siden
Yeah..with all those ships all over then yeah it can't be helped I believe...would love to see more American stuff..but I retired from that game..was so much stress over that stupid rng ;c XD what I need to do when I get a chance but need to finish all my current animes anyways...that I know of...whatca think of Oreimo overall? bt yeah it was...part of the tsundere 4 no? or I heard we had something like that in the anime world XD She is.even though she was mean at first...I did too but liked the overall ending anyways X3

Yeah...well each one has their own best girl..but I do like all the girls anyways...nico nii and Maki are quite a pairing eh? but yeah I hate that DLC is part of the formula for the full game now ;c so I just don't buy the game unless that put that stuff on sale with it..depends on if it is necessary..otherwie I won't have it anyways ;c sounds like crapcom to me XD

I never watched the full dubs..but sometimes it sounds a bit much even for me..guess i'm not used to watching dubs anymore..i watch suff before it gets licensed and all that jazz ;c better watch the full thing dammit all D: < uh nagito of course....he best husbando for moi...he is a very complex char indeed also ;c I learned more than enough of excel such as IF, vlookup, absolute formulas, pivot tables..etc ;c yeah...full time job and full time student =q= hows your skewl going?
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DenpaNyanNyan (2 år siden) #16219238Thanks, I have been quite busy with my studies recently and it's not over yet :O I haven't played the game or any other games recently either because of studies. But when I get the next few assignments done I can take it easy a bit again :) Hmm, I've not heard those songs but I might know them if I listen to them, that's normally how it is haha.
Yes I like the twins too. Seeing fan art of them some time ago got my attention and they did have some good parts in the anime. My favourite LL songs would be Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE and one of Nico's solo songs, Mahoutsukai Hajimemashita! Magnetic Today is good, it's by Nico and Maki XD Sunshine is great but I didn't like the end of the first season much. There wasn't many other ways it could have went though at that stage, and I guess there will be a S2 soon. Ruby is my favourite but I like them all. Chika does tend to mimic Honoka quite a lot but she's inspired by Honoka so I can understand that. Plus she's not exactly the same which is a good thing, and I love Honoka too :D I have Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM on CD+Blu-ray and I'm glad I bought it. What do you think?
Btw it was my birthday last Thursday and I got some new figures :D

Aw that sucks, what are you studying? Project Diva Future Tone was just announced for the West, so exciting! Are you going to get it too? Has like 200 songs so I see myself being addicted to it for a loong time haha. ._.;

Wow Bokura no Live (or Borarara as Dia would put it lol) is an interesting choice, I don't like many of the early songs myself but the popular pick always seems to be Snow Halation. I love the pop punk vibe that Mahoutsukai Hajimemashita has! It's definitely my favorite Nico solo. Yeah, Nico and Maki being tsundere to each other is part of what makes Magnetic Today so great! Have you listened to any of the subunit songs?

Ugh that ending, I hated the entire last episode really, the first half was just pointless and the second half was weird (the recap went on for too long, I thought rushing the stage wasn't allowed, and did Chika just run off the stage during their show??). Still don't see myself liking Aqours as much as muse but I thought the rest of the season was really good and I like all of the girls. Yeah Chika is pretty different from Honoka, I still wish they went further to make Sunshine more different from the first LL (mainly the whole school closing thing) but I think the girls themselves are different enough.

Happy belated birthday! Did you get any good Nicos?
2 år siden
I have been meaning to watch those but mainly because of my weird love for kantai collection I used to have but eh..might still watch them because they tend to calm me down.the figures are cute too <3 I like oreimo also..did you finish the 2nd season also? toradora..was da best though..idk why I marathoned that so hard -w-

yeah but now I feel like a cheater..too many waifus >.< so little time..yeah be nice but hate that the co. that produces them seems to enjoy the dlc route where they only give you a minimum of stuffs.

exactly...but yeah after hearing certain voices on characters for such a long time..I feel weird also but listneing to jojo bizzare adventure dub is not too bad at least....the sayings usually don't translate well which sucks ;c haha yeah but for now I am waiting for le husbando to arrive someday...yeah a really long time..was stuck on using excel formulas XD at least solver is easy...where are you at skewl wise? in college or anything?
2 år siden
DenpaNyanNyan (2 år siden) #15852685I haven't played the game that much tbh since I have studies and other things to do too. But all the songs I've heard so far have been good, and some I've heard before already. I've heard some of the songs but in different versions like a cover by utaites. Can't remember most of the names. I just know when I hear them XD One of the songs which I heard before was this one. Yeah I heard it was a bit different to the older Diva games. The idolm@ster was like that. I do like Hibiki, Yayoi and Iori mostly from the original series, and some of the others are nice too. But it doesn't have a strong feeling to me like the way LL does. Same I like all the girls too. Wow, your sister made a great choice, hehe :) I know, that annoys me too. Some comments I used to see about Nico were just really pathetic and the people didn't understand her at all. Don't really see this as much now though.

Me too, finals will be coming up soon. D: Good luck with your studies! I actually got the game right when my break ended so it was terrible timing, but rhythm games are always super addicting to me so I just got the platinum quick. XD That song is cute haha, I actually heard a bunch of the songs before playing the game too! The kunoichi one, Lost One's Weeping, Raspberry Monster, Streaming Heart, and the ranger song (I forget how they translated the title). And also Lots of Laugh because it was in Project Mirai but I hate that song. >.<

Yayoi and Iori were two of my favorites too! But I also loved the twins, partially because I could relate to them. But yeah I love how LL focused on the bonds between the girls rather than their individual careers. Do you have any favorite LL songs? Nico's in a lot of good ones (Magnetic Today <3). And what do you think of Sunshine?
2 år siden
yeah she kinda is but that is where her charm also lies...but so far i'm ok with all characters...I am easy to please usually X3

yeah it took me awhile to get into it since I had been debating on reading the visual novel side or not but so far fate/zero created more expectations since I liked it alot but caster is always in my heart...what kind of slice of life do you usually watch? cute girls? school life? or just slice of life in general? : O

I have the series downloaded to watch for later but I heard it is a lot more professional the game itself seems pretty pro ish to me and the cool 3D section also catches my interest but I like simple still..I never thought i'd like idol stuff either but i'm still picky...but all the waifus man X3

how it usually is so it never bothers me until they start attacking an actor or VA but that is not the case at least..they are cute in their own ball of sunshine way even if they are not my favorite but they bring a team together which is the main role to begin with...oh yeah ready for the figures..my wallet on the other hand will start weeping..sorry for late reply..I was so stressed out doing this hw ;c and my reply got lost while doing it XD
2 år siden
DenpaNyanNyan (2 år siden) #15806771Yeah some of it is good but some can be really cheesy or cringey lol and then I avoid them XD At first I didn't like Vocaloid much at all but the song Stargazer suddenly made me think, wow this actually sounds good, I want more :) Eventually I got used to some of the more pop-ish and electronic songs and listen to quite a lot like that now. I bought the game recently for my PS4 so I'm fairly new to that. Love Live is definitely my favourite right now. I haven't watched many idol shows but I have seen the original idolm@ster which was ok but it didn't impress me very much and it seemed a bit all over the place. Plus I think they have too many characters that don't stand out much or don't get enough attention. Love Live is one of my favourite shows in general too. Nozomi is great, I wasn't sure about her at first but after re-watching the series and listening to some of her songs, I discovered she is pretty amazing actually :) But Nico is the one who led me to watching the series and she is still my number 1 idoru to this day :D
Cool, do you have any favorite songs in the game so far? The only things I didn't like about Project Diva X were too much Miku and the whole cloud thing (it was a bit of a pain to platinum lol) but the song list is still pretty solid! Omg yeah, most of the Idolm@ster characters felt really tropey/one-dimensional- like Yukiho was the shy one, Hibiki was the animal lover, and they didn't have any depth past that. But I love all of the LL girls, even Kotori who I find the least interesting haha. Ooh my sister has also been a huge Nico fan from the beginning, she has a full team of Nico cards in the game and it's pretty awesome. XD It always makes me sad to see people misunderstand Nico's character and just write her off as a jerk. :/
2 år siden
DenpaNyanNyan (2 år siden) #15769406No problem. It does feel that way. There is some metal Vocaloid but to be honest, I prefer metal with actual vocalists :) There are some good Vocaloid songs out there though that are not too pop-ish or not at all, haha. Wow, there is quite a lot of Love Live in there, nice :D Love Live is the best idol series in my opinion, and Nico is best girl :P
I like some of the more poppy Vocaloid stuff too, World's End Dancehall was the song that got me to try the games and Vocaloid music in general haha. Yes, I've seen a bunch of idol shows but nothing compares to Love Live! <3 It's in my top 3 series tbh. Nozomi is my favorite but Nico is also one of my top girls, she's just too precious.
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