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Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride - Tokugawa Sen - 1/8 (Penguin Parade)Galilei Donna - Hozuki Ferrari - 1/8 (Griffon Enterprises)Hyakka Ryouran - Yagyu Jubei - 1/8 - Final Bride Ver. (Alter, Hobby Japan)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/7 - Wedding Dress ver. (FREEing)Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet - Teria Wang - 1/7 (Kotobukiya)

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FigyourEd7 måneder siden#75096236Happy Birthday!
Quite the milestone.

Yep. The Big Four-One. -_^

Rajke7 måneder siden#75096369Happy Birthday :DDark_Mephisto7 måneder siden#75118607Happy Birthday! :)

Thanks, guys.
7 måneder siden
Happy Birthday! :)
7 måneder siden
Rajke Ca Fanatic
Happy Birthday :D
7 måneder siden
Happy Birthday!

Quite the milestone.
7 måneder siden
Scath came well packaged and super fast! Thanks again!
9 måneder siden
Thank You very much Mr. Phi! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
9 måneder siden
Hey, how was the QC on Evil Gwenpool? My regular Gwenpool had some warped plastic and some weak paint apps and I wanted to know if they did any better on this new one
10 måneder siden
np, though i don't often ask for friendships on here... actually, never?
i did find some people i probably should've asked to... hope they didn't take it badly, but hey, guess i shall be more proactive on here from now on, thanks for giving me this "wake-up call" of sorts, if we can call it that way.
10 måneder siden
Awesome. Amazing way to merge old traditions with current pop. I have this Megumi Kato figure on my wishlist! It's lovely.
11 måneder siden
Hey and currently saving as much as I can to get a Smart doll . Thank you and see it can be a pain in the butt.. But, still love it .
1 år siden

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