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I think it's really cool that people created the vivid worlds and characters that enrich our lives. That's why I especially love series like Saekano and Super Smash Bros. - they capture the essence of creating and celebrating these worlds!

I whip up a weekly Figure Mini-Review, which gives me a chance to appreciate the little details of my figures and gush about them to the world!

In addition to anime, games, and collecting, I enjoy drawing and recording violin/viola arrangements to preserve these magical experiences in my own world through my YouTube Channel, SeouLee Mi!

Thank you for visiting! Hope you have a fantastic day! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



Merry Christmas dear!
4 måneder siden
Fancy indeed! :D
Was browsing through the photos and thought I saw familiar pics!
10 måneder siden
People have been banking on crash being the last character, i hope not. Plus that seems more catered to just the west more than anything. I’m hoping to see some good salt if it’s not him. XD

Oh and np man, glad you got it. She is looking pretty nice ngl. Made me double take and actually consider getting her too. Meh, we’ll see.
10 måneder siden
Ngl, but I laughed my ass off despite the pain of seeing Dante get deconfirmed cause I was just imagining the internets reaction and boy did it not disappoint. The only time I laughed even harder than that was when Geno got deconfirmed back in fighter pass 1 with Mii costume. The salt was REAL! XD

Also I saw this ITEM #918581 go up everywhere for preorders and immediately thought of you. So you gonna get it? You gonna buy it? Ngl, but I was a bit surprised on the price for her being a 1/4 scale and all.
10 måneder siden
Alright I see you. My take was-
Joker: Yes! The entire reason I bought the pack!
Hero: who? Oh neat.
Banjo: who? Oh wasted slot...
Terry: who? Oh he’s pretty cool
Byleth: Yes! One of my most wanted, screw the naysayers!

Min Min: cool I guess
Steve: wasted slot, whatever.
Sepiroth: hype, but ok I guess.
Pyra/Mythra: Yes! My other most wanted and actually saved the pass for me.
Kazuya: that’s cool, I’m ok with this.
?: not Dante :(

I mean don’t get me wrong, other people can enjoy the ones I didn’t, but imo they’re wasted slots. Any idea who the last one could be? I don’t have any guesses, but god do I wish it’d be a monster hunter rep since Dante is out.
10 måneder siden
Wait you’re a fellow smash boi?! Broooo!!!
Ok ok what did you think of each fighter in the fighter passes so far? Oh and idk man, Sakurai seemed pretty adamant that this is gonna be the finally of the fighter passes.
10 måneder siden
Scarlet Nexus which just released like last week, the demo for Monster Hunter Stories 2 since it releases friday, Final Fantasy 7 remake (which I'm trying to finish for the 1st time ever), and Super Smash Bros Ultimate since they just released the newest dlc fighter. Oh and Tekken 7 because of that dlc fighter.

Instagram huh? I don't really like social media so I tend to stay away from all that stuff. Don't even have a youtube account or anything, this is about as far as I'm willing to go.
10 måneder siden
If anything it's more on the video games aspect, figures are a meh thing for me right now. Despite how much I've spent on it as a hobby already, I don't really view it as a serious hobby. Yeah I meme on the THICC for the LoL's more than anything else tbh, but I've met some interesting people on this site taking that approach.
10 måneder siden
What do you mean? I'm totally about the "THICC Lives Save Lives" over here, but if one of my boys is out here respecting women then I need to see exactly what's going on over there. Don't know Megumi Kato, but I must see if she's worthy. Not really THICC though ngl. :(
10 måneder siden
Happy Birthday Buddy! Hope you have an awesome day filled with cake, figures and gacha games! :D
10 måneder siden
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