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Hello, I'm Jukkara! A young malaysian collector, almost done with collecting all the nendoroids I want and moving on to figmas and scales!
I started collecting in the beginning April 2017, after being finished with getting all the Gunpla I was interested in. I don't think any other hobby has brought me this much joy before, or has such a great community to be around with! Thanks everyone! Feel free to talk to me any time, to discuss figures or even everyday things :)

My favourite characters are:
- Yamanbagiri Kunihiro (Touken Ranbu)
- Yukikaze (KanColle)
- Jeanne D'arc - ALL OF THEM (Fate)



I hope you have a great day! Please feel free to talk to me about how your day has been :)


Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one! ;)
10 måneder siden
No prob! I’m glad I was able to help ^^ Best of luck with everything!
1 år siden
JukkaraOfficial1 år siden#42698227View spoilerHide spoilerHey vic, could you help me out here? Since you're a fellow Malaysian, you know that the income we make is a lot lower than other countries, and that the average wage is around $700 usd per month, making a $100 figure a very taxing and expensive item that's less of an impulse buy and more of a luxury. How do you deal with deciding what to get? It does sound very immature of me, but sometimes I do feel frustrated that I'll be working four times harder in Malaysia for the same stuff I could get if I were working overseas.
But the rational part of me reminds me that it's just stuff, and that I don't really NEED it, and that there's nothing to be frustrated over, yet sometimes the feeling is just there.
Your collection is really awesome by the way! I hope I can get there someday.

Hey again! I decided to reply to you privately since I didn’t want to wander off topic on someone else’s blog post ^^; Anyway, I do understand the pain of maintaining this hobby as a Malaysian... Figures are so utterly expensive nowadays it’s a struggle to continue with this hobby. I’m glad that you reached out to me because I’ve had the same exact feelings about the hobby years back, but I eventually got over it! I was able come to a conclusion with the best course of action to take as a young figure collector who has yet to have a steady source of income at their disposal. So I’d like to apologize in advance if this reply turned into an essay that you never asked for, lmao.

I started collecting in 2014 (I was 16 that time) and I started off liking a couple Nendoroids here and there and I never really intended to expand and build my collection as an actual collector per se. My Nendoroid collection was funded entirely by savings and the occasional part-time job income. Eventually I grew to like figures more and more — scale figures especially — it got a lot tougher for me as my wishlist grew bigger and bigger with stuff I know I’d never be able to afford. And time passed I began to realize that this hobby brought more feelings of frustration (for not being able to own what I liked) instead of joy, and eventually I stopped collecting entirely because it was upsetting me more and more.

Years later I somehow picked up the interest of collecting figures again (started again this year in fact) and I realized that I was able to enjoy the hobby so much more if I wasn’t upset about not being able to own something half the time! Of course, being a few years older and having more disposable income did allow me to fulfill my wants better, but I had a more rational perspective on figures. I know there’s no way I’m able to afford every single figure I want out there, and I accept that — all I can do is slowly save up for the figures that are closest to my heart and feel the satisfaction of having them instead of being upset about not being to have something else.

In short, what I learned is that figure collecting is a luxury by itself. It’s a hobby that you’ll only be able to enjoy to the fullest if you have a steady flow of income ideally as a sophisticated adult with a better idea of what you really want. I’m not asking you to quit the hobby entirely, but just be aware of what you’re able to afford instead of lusting over something you can’t. And about Malaysian wages, well... that’s something we’ve got to accept for the time being. If you decide to continue this hobby for as long as possible, maybe the best thing to do is move overseas and secure a good job that’ll help you fund your hobby. Maybe that’ll give you motivation to do well in college? xD Who knows!

I’ll give you some tips I personally find to be helpful. For scale figures costing over $100++ you might find it helpful to save $20-$30 per month over the preorder period of about 7-9 months plus delays. It’s a great way to save up for expensive figures this way. Also, budgeting WILL help a lot! I’m constantly on the hunt for pre-owned or binned figures. It’s not hard to find some gems that are now sold for 50% their original listed price if you look hard enough! Mandarake is a good place for unopened preowned figures, and AmiAmi is pretty good as well.

Also, happy birthday and I hope you have a good one! You should treat yourself to something nice ^^ I hope what I shared has somewhat helped you, good luck!
1 år siden
Muahahaa, my psychic abilities kicked in!!! LOL, so glad you liked it and it brightened your day!! Hope you had a good one!! :D
1 år siden
Happy birthday!!^^
1 år siden
Happy Birthday!!!!!

1 år siden
Happy Birthday!
1 år siden
Happy Birthday pal! Have a great one! ^_^
1 år siden
firesfly1 år siden#42541965Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day and many of your collection wishes can come true in your new year ^^

Thank you so much! It's so kind of you :) Have a good day too!
1 år siden
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day and many of your collection wishes can come true in your new year ^^
1 år siden
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