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Right, I should actually...write something here.

Okay, as you can see, I don't exactly have a lot of figures. I'm fairly new to the figure scene, and I don't have the income to buy a whole lot. Or the space to put them. So I'm very picky about which figures I end up buying.

...but I'm not picky about liking figures. Seriously, there's so many nice ones! I'm a big fan of the figma line because the pose-ability gives the figures more...replay value? If that makes sense. It keeps them fun for a longer time, let's say.

One thing I don't tend to like in a figure is obvious fanservice. You know, swimsuits and the like. There are very occasional exceptions, but I think my collection looks more interesting without having obviously sexy figures laying around. Maybe I'm just old-school like that.

Other than that, the following are characters I really want figures of. Figures may or may not exist of these characters, or I might want figures of them that do not yet exist. But yeah, here's my dream collection of possibly non-existent figures:

- Cisqua of Elemental Gelade. I want both a figma (with her main gun, a pistol, a knife, her radar, and removable hat) as well as a statue figure (still the same main dress she wears).

- Ino Yamanaka from Naruto. I'm surprised in general how few figures this series gets, but Ino's really the only one I care about from it. I think even a well-done prize figure of her would be nice, but I'd most prefer a statue figure of Genin Ino. Now there's that "Naruto Gals" line, but they're too busy making a million Hinata and Sakura to even make one Ino apparently...

- Pretty much any nice figure from Fire Emblem 7. I'd most prefer a statue of Matthew, but I think it's at least realistic to ask for a well-done Lyn given her popularity


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JunAres8 år siden#1055279Hey, I know a million people asked already, but if somehow you haven't yet sold the Asuka yet...I'd be interested in that. Get back to me, thanks. sorry i've sold it already
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