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Om Meg

Started this hobby 2014. I guess I'm a late bloomer in this wonderful world.

Oh well.

Please take care of me! Thank you!



Thank you! ^.^KatoKoko3 år siden#17515585Happy birthday Jess!
3 år siden
View spoilerHide spoiler>>>Merry Christmas!!!<<<

4 år siden
Good afternoon
read what passed me here in the group
it may be that a certain ^^

Yup, it the same discoloration.
Same thing happen to my Fourze figure.
I'm not saying you shouldnt give this method a try, but try putting the figure in direct color.
The color will turn white again, it's probably the dye They used.
The answer I received from Medicom for my Fourze figure.
Thank you for your inquiry.
We do not know the cause of the color change but we Have Been Reported the same thing.
To get the suits back in white, please place the figure where you can have direct sun light and
have the figure sun bath. After one week or so, the figure should get back to white.
4 år siden
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good day ^^
I would like to know your asuka came defective? "arms pink"
4 år siden
Kiririn-chan Tsundere-Otaku
K-Konnichi wa!

You Are Welcome.
Yes let's be friends,tomodachi ne?
5 år siden
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>>Merry Christmas!!!<<
Have a wonderful holiday \(^o^)/

5 år siden
It seems you have a really large collection now despite you just recently start collecting. Mine was only few despite I start collecting at year 2012, because I sell some of my figures for IRL personal stuff. I look at you collection and seems you really like SnK and western superheroes as well =)
6 år siden
KatoKoko6 år siden#2349980Thanks for the FR! :D

Sure no problem nice to see you
happy you accept my fr =)
let's chat sometimes and you can ask anything on me, no need to be shy (^_^)
6 år siden
KatoKoko6 år siden#2347654Nice Fate series collection man! I am a fan too though I didn't like the first Fate/Stay Night anime, loved Fate Zero though. Their figures are great though! and Saber is just too beautiful, inside and out. I hope with the 2014 fall release of the UBW Fate Stay night anime and the movie, they'll make more figures, especially of Saber! :D
wah another saber fan? i love fate zero than fate/stay night
their figures always caught my attention, especially the design so i cant help to admire it and ended up buying it hha
i hope so! theres a chance for new figure will be announced because the new anime ah cant wait.
6 år siden
KatoKoko6 år siden#2347663EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY! I've told myself that so many times but I just keep seeing old stuff especially here on MFC HAHAHAHA. Ohwel!

The user shops are kinda dangerous to my wallet... still, it's nice that it's a thing you can use here to find stuff. I actually find a Haruhi thing on here for a really good price and in really good condition.
6 år siden
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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same as above plus Kangoku Gakuen
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