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dahliakujo ♡ Jotaro ♡
Hii thank you so much for accepting it!! <33
I love your collection a lot and adored how much you're dedicated to Eren, it's so sweet (*˘︶˘*).。*♡
7 dager siden
Hi hi sorry to bother. When you have time, could you tag these items as "sales" under the event please? And the stands and badges are sold blind respectively so please create a series classification for each - you can find the names here: 89danyaki.com/

I usually dont mind doing that myself but im busy lately.
Sorry for the troubles.
2 måneder siden
sorry i dont know how to reply to the comment so i just leave a message in your comment section.. how much for the 5 figures? :3
3 måneder siden
djfldjsfl sorry for the confusion!! the blocks XD
4 måneder siden

I completely forgot about the blocks and just switched them to exclusive. If you purchased them could you lmk the JAN codes for A/B whenever you have them? Thx.
4 måneder siden
Yeah sure i was waiting for the JAN codes actually. last time i had to update them again once the jan codes dropped so XD
4 måneder siden
Hi hi,

Thanks for the info! I added the stickers just now but the for the other two I probably will only add them if Im extremely bored (phonecase... no... no more **sigh**) XD
5 måneder siden
I added the last 2 earlier today!! XD Will add the first one laterrrrr. Thanks for the info!!
5 måneder siden
ikr!! There are also a couple big event already announced but not with goods info yet too many stuff XD
6 måneder siden
Added!! Thank you for letting me know I didnt see them at all ><
6 måneder siden
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