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LittlePisces (7 timer siden) #71539431I only know his more well known songs so it's ok! I just thought of bringing it up because it relates to the issues here on MFC and in general.
It is easier to quickly say things than to think it through before saying them. But I guess that's just being anonymous and not face to face conversation. That's why it's better off to be kind than to be mean! In my opinion anyways.
From my experience, communities usually do change and users do come and go. I used to experienced this with those children/teen online games back then. (Club Penguin, ROBLOX) I've even seen this happen in other hobbies such as users leaving MMD (MikuMikuDance) because of the community going downhill. So this isn't anything new I suppose.
As for my shyness, I'm not so shy on here. I do enjoy talking to people and giving my opinions here in this hobby. Weird to hear from a 2000's kid, but I don't use social media such as Snapchat for an example and I rarely use my Facebook account. I mostly use Messenger though. It's been 8 years since I touched my Deviantart account! Hmm... maybe because I'm just too anxious that I have a hard to time relating to peoples interests? I just suck at socializing in real life. I was those quiet students back then. Don't worry about your one comment, I usually get guilty whenever I say something I didn't mean to say.
Many things do catch my eye! The problem is though I am living with my family right now and I don't have any room to display anything. I'm also trying to stay cheap as possible since my job isn't that well paying and my company sort of cut my days. I'm not at the "long-term employee" stage yet. I might buy something cheap like ITEM #810199 just to start out. I am excited to preorder ITEM #858828 if she turns out good! Sometimes it is good to dream! ^_^

Now that I think of it, this is the first online community I've really been involved in. Of course, I played things like Neopets when I was younger, but I wasn't really as actively involved, So yeah, this is the first time I've witnessed how a community can change, and it's been so drastic! I hate it. I hope everything can bounce back someday, but we'll see...

Haha, I don't think it's that weird at all! I know some people around your age who shun those things, and honestly, doesn't it just lead to a better life? As much as I like browsing ig or what not, I can see the negative impacts it has. Oh, so you used to draw? A long time ago it seems; it is something you're interested in picking back up? Hah, I used to be one of those suuuper quiet kids too. I remember once in elementary a classmate asked me if I ever talked, and I just shook my head lol.

I think it's great that you're budgeting yourself! When I first joined the hobby I blew a ton of money and pretty much depleted the majority of my savings. Now I have it more under control, thankfully....maybe to an extreme though? I only have two things ordered lol. Even if that Miku fig is cheap, it's really cute! I love prize figs because the quality has only gotten better and better, and the prices have stayed relatively the same. Oh, I've never heard of the series that nendo is from. Are you watching it now?
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No need to apologize, you can drop me a comment whenever you want! I actually forgot I posted that haha, I'm surprised it got so many upvotes :o

I haven't bought any Myethos figures yet, but I love that they're producing some gorgeous original art as well as characters who don't have many figures yet for a reasonable price. I forgot to order Little Mermaid on TOM when they were running their sale and I just saw that she's coming out soon _(:3」∠)_ I'd love to see any photos you take of her though, she's got one of my favorite bases ever!
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
LittlePisces (20 timer siden) #71526250Nah, not weird at all! That is my purpose, to spread a little cheer. It's like that "Man in the Mirror" song, if one wants to make the world a better place, one has to make a change! So me posting something wholesome a day keeps the bad apples away, haha. It also helps me to interact a bit since I'm a pretty shy person. It's too bad that the negative comments/articles are sometimes more popular than the positive ones. :/
You're the second person to compliment my comments, so thank you! (˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈) I at first didn't think many people would care for my simple thoughts, but seeing messages like this one does show that people are interested in what I say.
Random Edit: I just listened to that Michael Jackson song that I brought up earlier!

I uh, actually don't know that song, but I guess now is the time to listen to it lol? I agree though! It's so easy to be a bit brash online, but what's the point? Especially on this site. I mean, our hobby is already super niche, what good is anyone getting from yelling at others about it lol? Haha, you're shy even online?! I mean, no no, that's fine and I'm definitely laughing with you and not at you :3c. Lol wait, is this evolving into the cruelty I just said I hated? Sigh. Anyway, yeah! Keep being nice and I'm sure you'll get someone else complimenting you as well! Btw, random question but I noticed you don't have anything ordered. Nothing catch your eye lately?
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey! I hope this isn't super weird it's probably a little weird... but I keep seeing your comments everywhere, and they're always so nice and kind! It's refreshing to see, since lately I feel like the community here's been a little...rough lol.
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thank you so much for the bday wishes <3 i love the pic you chose! have a great day as well.
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Haha, I think I clicked 'Hide me' the last time I logged in so I think that's why my last site visit time is inaccurate. Not that I mind being compared to Homura!

I saw that you have The Little Mermaid from Myethos ordered, I've been thinking of preordering as well since she's gorgeous! Is she your first Myethos figure? I don't own any so far but their quality looks amazing, especially for a new company.
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Sorry for the late comment orz

Thanks for accepting! I love your username, I'm a Pisces as well. :D
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i like sengoku's first arc, but it's her later arc that i really love. sengoku's theme songs are all such bops! porco rosso is good but it's a little melancholy, so maybe watch something a little peppier in the mean time lol! grave of the fireflies is so rough.
15 dager siden
yes i agree with that! hanekawa is probably my best girl at the beginning, but it later changed to sengoku. i just really related to her in a lot of ways. castle in the sky is def my fav miyazaki! it's only beat ghibli wise by "porco rosso", which i find to be a tour de force movie.
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