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Selling or trading these figures, items and books! Part 1450

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Selling or trading these figures, items and books! Part 2385

Thinking about selling/trading ~Part 1~450


Om Meg

Note regarding selling/trading:
I am currently downsizing my collection and selling a huge amount of figures and merchandise! For feedback and currently active sales you can check out my eBay www.ebay.com/us... or send me a message on here if something from my selling lists that catches your eye!


Hello! My name is Maakie, originally from the Netherlands and nowadays living in Finland. I'm a huge fan and collector of Baccano! and I try to get my hands on everything from this franchise! My other great love is Mecha Musume, where I especially love the older designs of Humikane Shimada, but I also like newer franchises such as Kantai Collection and Strike/Brave Witches. More recently I have gotten into a Dorohedoro obsession, which I am expecting to take over more of my collection soon as well. I also have a soft spot for everything from Chrono Crusade, artist POP, Yu-Gi-Oh! season 0 and Duel Monsters, Nurse Witch Komugi and horror games and movies. Next to that I still have some side-collections that are dear to me and hard to let go of!


In my free time I like working on all kinds of crafts, buying stuff for this hobby, DDR/Stepmania, games, reading, writing, photography,(J-)fashion, hanging out with friends, visiting theme parks, museums and traveling to all kinds of places I've never been before.


In the past, I used to be a huge collector, buying almost anything I liked. Nowadays these are my collecting goals:
- Baccano!
- Dorohedoro
- Mecha Musume: Humikane Shimada older Mecha Musume works --> Strike Witches --> Kantai Collection (mainly Fubuki and Abyssal Girls)
- Horror collection (horror anime/games related items: mainly Calne Ca, Kotobukiya Bishoujo, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Evil Within)
- Moetan, POP works/designs in general and items from ElectromagneticWave
- Nurse Witch Komugi and other Akio Watanabe works
- Chrno Crusade
- Ymir from Queen's Blade
- Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original series and Duel Monsters)
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (the first game)
- Hideyoshi Kinoshita
- Everything from Futaba Anzu! And maybe also start on collecting Koshimizu Sachiko and Hoshi Syoko items
- Myuutsu/Mewtwo items
- Military moe / Girls in uniform (such as Youjo Senki, So Ra No Wo To, Girls und Panzer etc.)
- Hello Kitty to Issho
- Make itabags for the series/franchises where I collect way too much small items from!


This also means I'm selling/trading a lot of items I used to have in my collection that don't fit these criteria anymore. Please check out
Selling or trading:
LIST #14643
LIST #96871
Thinking about selling or trading:
LIST #45514
LIST #57698
which will get a lot of updates!


I used to be very active in giving lectures, Q&A's and workshops at conventions in the Netherlands and surrounding countries (and sometimes even a bit further away). I'm not sure if I will pick this up again as my emigration has been a very busy period, next to all what happened in...2020. At this moment I only have one announced event and I'll try to keep below list updated.

Announced soon-to-give events:
Bootleg/Fake Is Sad Lecture at Animefest 2021


Things I still need to do for my profile:
- List all the games I own (listed most that are in the database, but have a long list of things I should add myself).
- List all the art books I own (work in progress).
- Index my t-shirt collection and also add it on here.
- Make proper lists for the main franchises I collect from and also display them on my profile.


I like to write reviews and articles about figures, so be sure to check my blog on here: profile/Maakie/...

My blog, things I'm working on right now:
- More entries for my 'Maakie's Collection' blog types
- Multiple figure reviews and unboxings
- Walktroughs of multiple completed Garage Kits
- Multiple big order loots
- Blog about my progress of my Ymir cosplay

~Let me use this last bit of my profile to show off my favorite anime character!~

Jacuzzi from Baccano! is tough, kind and person you can rely on, everything one can aspire to be.

Together with his girlfriend Nice they are my favorite anime couple. Feel free to talk to me about Baccano! at any time, I can never stop rambling about this franchise.


You will open a can of worms though






Eerlijk gezegd kon de dag beter, maar ik veronderstel dat ik niet te veel mag klagen ^^;
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Nope. I’m about 4 hours in and just got done with Demitrescu’s castle. I’m taking my time exploring everything and fighting everyone plus I only play it when my little sister is there cause she’s also a massive RE fan and we’re gonna go through this game together. Pretty sure I’ll have it beat by the end of today. I’m guessing you already beat it though?
3 timer siden
Haha, bedankt XD
2 dager siden
That's convenient that you can resist the temptation because the art is different haha, you mentioned this about Overlord too but there are so many manga/light novels with unique art that their anime adaptations can't quite capture. Usually it's disappointing, but I guess in this case that's a good thing hahaha.

Hey, good for Kaworu stealing the hearts of fans with the little time he had lol. Ohh I see, Ishida Akira voices Chrono. I'm pretty sure I looked him up before because I remember some of his credits but I have crap memory with seiyuu. So my mind will be blown multiple times when I remember two characters are voiced by the same seiyuu. XD He voices a lot of pretty boys though, wow!

Oh hey, you sold off your figmas too? Idk if it's just because I have no interest in them anymore but it seems like figmas aren't as hyped as they used to be, not to mention their prices are insane... The Dorohedoro figures are pricey but they seem very fair in comparison. I hope those Noi and Nikaido figures are sold separately too though, it wouldn't really be fair if the only figures they got were attached to the guys. :/ OH btw I got my friend to watch Dorohedoro and he really liked it, he's recommending it to other people now, yaaay. Though he was confused when I said my favorite was Fujita lol, his fav is Nikaido.

"So nowadays even if something was super rare/expensive, I will wear it as otherwise I feel like the item doesn't get proper use." Yes same! I just think of the collector in Toy Story that wanted to keep the toys in their boxes, like no, these things are meant to be used! XD But yeah some people are very careful about this stuff, I think especially when they're starting out. Like I remember seeing a blog about how to care for acrylic stands in the case of dust and fingerprint smudges and stuff, meanwhile I just display them without thinking lol.

Repetitive soundtrack doesn't sound too bad to me, maybe because One Piece still uses some of the same music from like 900 episodes ago lol. Idk if it's Stockholm syndrome or what but I don't really mind it, it's even kind of comforting because despite all the changes the show goes through, its humble little roots are still somewhere in there haha. That's crazy that FMAB dropped out of your top 5 with a rewatch though, wooow. I'm curious what your top 5 is now. Tbh FMAB wasn't in my top 5 to begin with, though I'm nostalgic for it and can't deny that it's good. I like that it's hanging onto its spot as #1 on MAL too because it's such a classic, there are just other series that I'm crazier for.

Oh man, that was very wishful thinking that it would be eradicated in two weeks haha, but it was the same here. Like maybe things will be back to normal by the summer, and now it's almost the next summer... Oh hey, I commented on that blog! Has it really only been two months since we started talking?? But yeah the manga selection is cool and so are the Donald Duck comics! I love that Donald Duck comics are popular in Europe haha, if I saw those in a store over here I would buy them on sight. XD

Omg yeah my newest laptop doesn't have a disc drive! D: But I also love buying CDs! Especially now that I'm into K-pop haha those albums are so pretty. Is it too much to ask for a metal album to come with fancy packaging and cute stickers? XD Wait wtf why is Dorohedoro so expensive? Is it a Netflix thing?? O_o But yeah that makes sense, the Love Live movie feels like a musical because they randomly break into song on the streets of New York and the airport lol but I don't really get that vibe from anything else. So can I say Aladdin and Lion King are my favorite musicals? ;D Wait we're getting a Chainsaw Man teaser in June? Why did I think the anime would release around that time lol that Nendo is throwing me off! But I guess I have enough to watch for now, TAKE YOUR TIME MAPPA.

Aw that's nice that you were able to bond with a Chrono Crusade fan before the world went to shit. TwT That's also an interesting take that everyone just watched the same anime back then haha, I wish I got into anime sooner so I could've experienced that! But I kind of just assumed that all anime was like Dragon Ball so I was like meh (and then I got into Dragon Ball anyway...). Then came Naruto, and now shounen like BNHA are the face of anime, circle of life! And yeah I definitely think BNHA will turn out like Naruto and just be milked forever, it's too much of a cash cow not to and has a lot of potential for side stories. I just hope for the sake of its fans that it can stay consistent in quality, because Boruto is...not very good... But it's not Harry Potter and the Cursed Child level of bad, at least? T_T

Oh damn, how could he not even commit to a story? The sad thing is eBay probably would've taken his side anyway. :( Sorry you had to deal with all those scammers, I'd totally understand being discouraged after that. D: But yeah there are definitely good eggs on there too! The hostage sales money is only like $10 so I wasn't too annoyed about it, and eBay still let me use some of the sale money to pay shipping for that last sale, so whatever, I consider it the cost of parting ways with them lol. They'll still send me emails occasionally saying "hey we suspended these funds so just start using our new payment method already!" It's almost like dealing with a desperate ex lol. Mercari definitely encourages communication more, messaging on eBay felt like sending emails while Mercari looks like a messaging app. Fortunately I haven't gotten any stupid questions/buyers yet but I'm subscribed to the Mercari subreddit and yeah, there are definitely crazies on there lol... Like this gem: "Buyer wants a refund because the sweater "isn't as soft" as she thought it would be."

Sorry about the holdup with Pennywise! :( I didn't think Grimm would win the race so that was definitely a twist ending. ^^' But at least you know she's safe! The uncertainty is for sure the scariest part. I was checking tracking for the pins on the postal site you linked everyday lol, probably not healthy but I was just waiting for the update that they received it and it finally happened omg. What a relief it's not lost in some other country haha. x_x

Ooh, we're the same then! :D What are your comfort games? Because mine range from the highly rated ones to "I'm the only person on the planet that's obsessed with this" lol. And omg you started Danganronpa!! The first game is my personal favorite but 2 and 3 are solid too! I hope you like it but if not then that's okay, no pressure! ^^ I haven't tried the anime just because it kind of seems like a lesser adaptation of the games from what I've heard? But I don't know for sure, it seems good for people who don't have access to the games at least. I'm definitely liking Fatal Frame so far! Some of those ghosts look so creepy. O_o Definitely my kind of game haha. That's a good idea to make PS3 games that become unplayable available on PS4, but yeah they would probably charge for something like that because there's not enough money in it for them. :(

Okay, you sold me on Evil Within and RE7 lol. I'm thinking of getting the PS3 version of Evil Within though since the PS4 version seems rarer now for some reason, hopefully there aren't any big differences. D: And I might start RE7 this weekend since I have it already, the setting does sound really unique for a game! I think I've heard of Ajin but never tried it for that reason. D: I'll check it out if it's still good though! Ooh I want to hear about how Albedo doubts Ains, spoil away! Also your description of the lizard arc had me dying omg... XD But yeah I guess I'm more tired of the way isekai is executed in the same way over and over vs. the concept itself. Like I actually really like the isekai elements in Tanya, with MC basically going against this higher being. I didn't even think MC was that bad in his other life, like he fired this guy that sucked at his job, so?? But it's nice that he gets to make use of his sociopathic tendencies in his next life lol. So yeah I like it so far, and the music is great! I've definitely heard the ED before haha.

Yeeeah I think I'd describe Magus Bride as more of a fantasy slice of life than a dark fantasy. After the arc in the anime, it goes even further into slice of life territory...so you're good dropping it lol. And don't worry about shitting on shows I like! XD For most shows I like I can see the argument against them, but there are a couple where I get annoyed if someone says they hate them lol. Do you have some untouchable shows too or is it just me? ^^'

Yeah prize figures and Nendos are so accessible now! (And I guess Pop Up Parades, but I'm still not really interested in that line...) I'm guilty of buying some bootlegs back in the day too. ._. Now they're shamefully hidden away because idk what to do with them... But omg the puppy cam is SO CUTE!! I love having stuff on in the background too even if I'm not really paying attention to it, just feels livelier! Being near a TV is my happy place lol. And yeah these comments have gotten really long, now when someone goes back to your page to see a conversation they had with you they're gonna be like "wtf is up with these giant walls of text??" Oops...
7 dager siden
Lmao thank you!! That’s a wonderful gif. XD
8 dager siden
Kamiosu Harem Master
16 dager siden
Welp, I never thought I would relate to Principal Skinner, but here we are. XD If it has some interesting characters then that's something at least? Would you ever get figures for it just because the designs are pretty or do you have to really love it? It must be odd for an artist you love to be attached to a series you're meh on... I'd feel so conflicted lol.

I think a lot of people are impatient with Shinji because if they had the chance to pilot a mech they would do it without thinking. XD But like some people just wanna chill and listen to music, give the kid a break! All I hear about End of Evangelion is that it's super depressing and I liked the conclusion of the anime (even though I had to look up what it all meant afterward...) so I'm in no rush to watch it lol... Is Kaworu a bigger deal in the new movies? Because I was surprised that he was barely in the anime considering how popular he is. I know there's another new girl with the glasses and I always thought her design was cute too! I wanna see them. >.<

The Dorohedoro action figures do look beautiful! I def considered Ebisu when I saw they were making her because...best girl! And I never thought she would actually get one. But I just feel like I can't enjoy action figures properly for some reason? Except for Nendos but I don't really count them since their joints are so stubby lol. I ended up selling pretty much all of my figmas even though I liked how they looked, I just couldn't pose them in a way that wasn't awkward. :( But then a buyer sent me a picture of the Zelda figma they bought off me and they posed her so beautifully, that kind of confirmed that I made the right choice lol. I'm just praying Nendos get made so my only option isn't action figures that I'd only end up posing jankily. >.< I'm definitely looking forward to your pictures though!!

Omg speaking of that Noi, I remember seeing her announced with Nikaido and just being confused... Like why are they even static while the guys are posable? Are they just scared that the girls won't sell without the guys? But I didn't even notice that Noi isn't as buff as she should be, I guess I was too distracted by Nikaido's glorious abs lol. But yes FREE NOI'S HAIR! And wow your collection is coming along nicely!! I didn't even realize you had so many Dorohedoro shirts, do you use them or do you just store them away? They look so wonderfully weird hahaha.

Okay I was late to the party with FMA so I wasn't there for the hype train surrounding the movie lol, that makes sense. And that gif... What is even the context there?? At least Ed looks just as horrified as us? XD And idk why but I never saw the nudity in Dorohedoro as fanservice, maybe because it's too weird? Like it definitely threw me off guard but there were a thousand other things in the manga that overshadowed it. XD It's kind of nonchalant about all the nudity and the gore so I can't help being nonchalant about it too.

Oh man I remember those days when we were all in denial that the pandemic would come to us... That's great that it's nerdier though! It's important for a city to have good nerd culture. XD Importing is always a possibility now but there's something magical about seeing nerd stuff on shelves lol.

I know a lot of people got Disney+ for the Mandalorian but I've mostly just been using it for the new Marvel stuff... I'm gonna be one of those suckers that pays for early access to Black Widow but to be fair I've been waiting for that movie for like a year! ._. That Shang-Chi trailer already got me hyped too lol but I still can't imagine going to one of those movie marathons even with my friends that like Marvel. I feel like we'd all give up like three movies in. XD

I'm the same way! Streaming is convenient but it's nice to actually own your favorites because you never know what could happen to the licenses. I get so annoyed whenever someone says "people still buy blu-rays??" Like the people who buy physical media are just stuck in the stone age lol. God forbid we don't want some streaming overlords to have control over all the media we can consume. :p Extra support for the creators is also a bonus!

Haha I usually don't like musicals but I don't include Disney movies in that for some reason... Actually, can idol anime count as musicals? Because then I guess I watch a lot of them, but usually when I think musical I think of people dancing on a stage like Cats or something lol. Oof that sucks if Wonder Woman's production was affected by the pandemic. D: I know Soul finished production during the pandemic and I loved it, but there's probably a whole other set of issues to deal with for a live action project. I also wish the plot focused less on Diana's obsession with Steve though (because he's been dead for decades at that point, I think obsession is the only way to describe it lol) and more on her growth as an individual. That's the other big thing I've heard that puts me off from it. :/ Diana deserves better, instead people are calling her a rapist... Just, wtf.

Yeah it's hard to gauge the popularity of Chrono Crusade especially in the west, since anime was nowhere near as big back then as it is now. We're probably going to get a lot more people that are nostalgic for BNHA in the future lol... The buyer chickened out pretty quickly which I'm grateful for! XD It was a collector's edition of a game and they said the box came damaged even though I packed it really well. I was pretty new at selling still so I was thinking about offering a partial refund but instead I just asked them for a picture so I could show it to the postal service and they never got back to me. They didn't even give me negative feedback, just disappeared. The buyers you had to deal with sound sooo annoying in comparison. :o

I have no idea what the fees are like for ebay's new payment system, I just noped out when they asked for my social security number because that's way too sensitive to give to a site that got hacked before. They're actually still holding some of my sale money hostage and suspended my account which just makes me think they're really desperate lol. That's good that they haven't threatened you though because I still kind of miss the site. :( Mercari is definitely faster but there's way more haggling and their selection of old games isn't as good (still working on completing my PS1 collection lol).

Oh no, is Pennywise still stuck? :o I actually got a notice recently that Grimmjow made it into the country, and then a few days later he just appeared at my doorstep, yay! I hope you have Pennywise by now and if you still don't, I hope you can get her soon!! As for trophies, I feel you on not having time for them... But for some reason I'm willing to do a bunch of stupid stuff for the games I really love. XD Like I've platinum'd Resident Evil 5 four times at this point (PS3, PS4, and helped friends the whole way) and like, I can't even explain why... You know when you have a backlog but you'd rather just replay a game you're already comfortable with over and over again? I guess it's like that. RE Revelations 2 and Kingdom Hearts II are some other games I've 100%'d multiple times, I just have a problem. ^^'

So Sony reversed the decision to shut down the PS3 and Vita stores but I already panic-bought a bunch of games lol... I even started Fatal Frame 2 already and it looks surprisingly good for a PS2 game! :o But my friend linked me an article the other day and it reminded me of what you said, basically that even physical PS4 games are going to be unplayable in the future unless Sony reverses that too with some kind of firmware update... Just, what... The fact that Sony decided not to shut down the old stores after all gives me a little hope that they'll do the right thing because the thought of my whole shelf of PS4 games being obsolete in the future is just terrifying. :(

Haha oh man if I were Turkish I'd be so confused, it'll just forever be one of the mysteries of the world I guess. XD I've heard of Evil Within but I've never tried it, is it good? :o Also what are your thoughts on Resident Evil 7? I've had it sitting around forever, I'm just scared it'll give me motion sickness and was wondering if it's worth trying. But yeah Chainsaw Man looks interesting for sure! Also don't forget to try Jujutsu Kaisen! ;D Dang they put a lot of work into the 3DCG huh? :o I guess the way they mixed it with drawings helps it look a lot more natural and less like an old video game? lol I don't know anything about animation but that's pretty cool that they went into so much detail about their process! They deserve so much appreciation for putting all that work into creating such a stylish hybrid. :D

Wow, Overlord is decent? Does Albedo get any character development? And what happens in episode 2? I have to know now. XD That's good that it didn't turn out to be a waste of time though! If I had more patience for the concept then I'd probably give it a fair try too, but I just...need a break from all the fantasy isekai lol... And yeah omg I was surprised that people were hyping up Magus Bride so much! It made me happy that people were enjoying it but at the same time it felt like they were setting unrealistic expectations for new viewers... Like I don't want people to hate it because it's overrated or something, so I had mixed feelings about it lol.

That makes sense about 02 and anime getting more mainstream! It seems like there have been a lot of new collectors on this site lately that started with a Rem or a 02 or some other new waifu lol. And omg thank you for linking that video, it's wonderful! XD I'll rewatch it whenever I have a bad day haha. The way she gives the dog an interview at the end even after it gave her so much trouble, so wholesome. X3
16 dager siden
Thank you, sorry for the late reply.
18 dager siden
Thank you so much again for your advice! They are so helpful, I'll be sure to not go to crazy with my collection and such! <3
20 dager siden
Yes, the dolls are quite expensive but I saw some on ebay, and my mother told me if I can get a hold of them she would be so happy to own one and I want to make my mom happy with her favorite childhood show, so I will search around for it and even mandarake may carry some of the Candy Candy Dolls. Thank you for the advice :), I didn't know Evangelion would be a bit easier to find even if they are GKs, I would just love some of them.

I really love Rei and her character throughout the series, so I would love to mainly collect Rei prize figures and GKs from the 90s-2000s, but if I see some pretty Asuka figures as well I will try to get her, she is a good character too and she is pretty cute. You have a very big collection, you are so lucky :), maybe someday I will have such a big collection in the future even if it is a bit hard to manage.
22 dager siden
Your hassle-free Japan shopping proxy .

Om Oss

Baccano!, Dorohedoro, Chrno Crusade, Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood), The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Made in Abyss, Steins;Gate, Death Note, Yu-Gi-Oh! (original series and Duel Monsters), Strike Witches, Moetan, Nurse Witch Komugi
Mainly light novels and thrillers
Almost everything as long as I like the story/setting/environment, although I mostly play survival(horror)-games. Favorite franchises: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Bioshock, Manhunt, Stepmania/DDR, Crystal Chronicles, Evil Within & Viva Pinata
MOE Poeng
Mecha Musume, Flat to Normal Size Chest, Nice Thighs/Legs, Shorts, Military, Uniforms, Belts, Long robes/capes, Ribbons, Bandages/Plasters, Small character with big weapon(s), Characters older than they look and Characters that seem cute, but are not!
Almost all types of electronic music, (alternative) rock and many game- and animesoundtracks! Favorite band: Gorillaz
Sony Alpha A5100 (extensive shoots) + Canon IXUS 100IS (simple shoots) + smartphone camera (WIP/quick shoots)
Desktop: AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 3,2 GHz (3,6 GHz Turbo Boost), MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X+ 6G, GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming 3 (rev. 1.0), Corsair 2x16 GB DDR4-2666 Kit, Laptop: Lenovo Legion + Personalized Sony VAIO