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I'm not really active on here anymore except to manage lists, but I will respond to messages regarding sales or the like so if you want to buy something feel free to message me.

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"Moro, why do you have so many clubs?!"
It's because I like organizing things into boxes = w=

I don't mind random friend requests, especially from other Evangelion fans. If you want to send one, go ahead! I almost never decline.
Feel free to message me if you have questions about Eva, painting, figure cleaning, or just want to chat.

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So...how many did you order from ITEM #604438 ? :D
2 dager siden
Moro (1 måned siden) #31101521Sure! I thought if we were going to continue talking, we shouldn't hijack the sales thread to do so LOL

LOL! So true! I'm sure I was starting to end up on someone's hate list... :D
1 måned siden
Stacycmc (1 måned siden) #31075841:D Thanks for the friend request!
Sure! I thought if we were going to continue talking, we shouldn't hijack the sales thread to do so LOL
1 måned siden
:D Thanks for the friend request!
1 måned siden
Moro (4 måneder siden) #28242017Right??? The ending KILLED ME. View spoilerHide spoilerI freely admit I was crying really hard when Orga died, like slumped against my desk sobbing kind of crying, real tears that came from my chest! And I felt like I actually had to go through grief for him like he was a real person, it's rare for me to get so attached LOL. Then I cried again at the last episode... oh Mika. It was terrible that he had to die but also he never would have been happy while he was alive without Orga :(
View spoilerHide spoilerWhen I started watching this season it already felt to me like 'they are for sure going to kill Mika'. Especially when the whole baby-thing started I was sure they would let Mika die. :( Orga was extremely unexpected though. And damn, when he died I was disappointed is the good way? Disappointed in him dying in such a way. :( I know it's a very realistic way of dying for the situation they were in, but damn. :( I just get sad writing this now.

It was such a good series, but the ending made me so depressed that I don't think I will rewatch it soon. >.< Most emotional anime I've watched in a long time. I absolutely did not expected that when I started the series.
4 måneder siden
Just finished watching IBO...

View spoilerHide spoilerIN MY HEART THEY ARE THE KING OF MARS.


Oh gosh that was a beautiful ending.
4 måneder siden
Moro (5 måneder siden) #27193385Hahaha my phone is fine, it has a case and was dropped on carpet. Didn't even restart itself.
I actually thought the same thing when they revealed it had an Angel's name. I was fully anticipating a biomech reveal. But poor Mika... the scene with him and Orga at the end of episode 13/38 really got to me. There's something inherently self-destructive about Mika's level of devotion and Orga knows that, but he knows Mika doesn't know any other way to be.

I was sort-of hoping a reveal like that, but on the other hand glad that they decided to not copy Evangelion. xD And nooooo, Mika! I feel so bad for him. :( It feels like they are going to write him off this season or maybe the next one. :( Mika really needs a hug, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't care much for affection like that. Just like you said: He just cares about Orga and lives for Orga, but does not know/want to do much else. Anyway, right now I'm at the 'the Turbines are probably fucked'-part of the season. I like where the season is going by the way. The first half of the season was a lot of politics, which is not bad, but this second half gives it more of the awesome vibe the first season had!
5 måneder siden
Moro (5 måneder siden) #27063027LMAO, what episode are you on? This made me laugh so hard I dropped my phone on the floor

Is your phone ok??

I'm at episode 15 now, but when I typed that message I think I was at ep. 10-11 or something? When they find the Mobile Armor and literally start referring to it as an 'Angel', explaining all the things it can do. I whispered View spoilerHide spoiler"So, how long before we find out it's not a robot?" :'D
5 måneder siden
I finally got around to watching the second season of Gundam IBO! I'm halfway now and...the fuck it turned into Evangelion?! x'D
5 måneder siden
I would like to go ahead and leave feedback as a buyer on a sales transaction, since it was not officially listed as an MFC sale. Moro is an awesome seller. A lot of care was taken to protect the item during transport and it was shipped very quickly. Thanks so much, I would purchase from you again in a heartbeat! :)
6 måneder siden
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