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reading is 4 gaylords id rather smoke weed
Touhou and Touhou fan games, Osu!, Tera, and Civilization
Doujin Electrohouse, Dubstep, Psytrance, Goa, and Hip-hop
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Happy Birthday !
3 år siden
Murasano u
5 år siden
Say that to my face fucker and see what happens

MurasaYou aren't a girl
You aren't a NEET

Fraud is illegal 'round these parts, boy
5 år siden
MurasaEh, I don't think it's a particular boss, but it's like in UFO for me. I'll try and get the UFOs and spirits, but in doing so I get really careless and run into bullets. If I ever get to stage 5, that's when I start having a lot of trouble. And I know what you mean about stage in IN, it's crazy. I use maybe one life in the first three stages, and by the time I beat Marisa/Reimu I'm lucky to have one left; it's a miracle I 1cc'd it at all.

I'm sort of the same way as I play it longer. I get really skittish, because I think, "Well I've got this far, I can't mess up!", and well, I mess up. And yeah, that's definitely true about the PC-98 games, it's much less dense. But the bullets are also much faster, and I rarely play other shmups with fast bullets so it's hard to adjust, you know?

Oh yes, I remember all the times I went, "I can't mess up now!" and starting dying left and right with all my bombs left, haha. Collecting the spirits in TD can be risky like that. When I first played the demo I was dying all the time-- then I realized, "Wait, why am I risking dying to get some spirits that might give me a tiny portion of a life?" So I stopped worrying about getting every spirit. It's true that the bullets are faster in the PC-98 games. It didn't bother me so much in the main storyline, but by the time you get the Extra level it's ridiculous. I remember practicing the Extra stages in SoEW and LLS for a little while but I gave up REAL quick. I'd be dying and I didn't even see which bullet hit me.
5 år siden
MurasaAnd it's funny YOU say that about MoF, because I find it fairly easy (at least until ayayayaya's stage, which wrecks my shit so I don't have enough lives for her fight) I haven't played the PC-98 games too much, and I was kind of put off by how long the stages were in comparison to the Windows games so I don't put too much practice in. I actually found Ten Desires kind of difficult. Not so much as SA or UFO, but much harder than IN or PCB

I so know what you mean about Sakuya, too. In my opinion she is by far harder than Remi, which I thought was really weird. If I'm just trying to complete it, I'll end up using two continues, if not all three on her. And then assuming I get to Remi, I'll get to one of her last spell cards while only dying once or twice. Totes bs.

It looks like our best games are opposite of one another! I found Ten Desires to be really easy, but only shudder when I imagine myself attempting a 1cc of IN (stage 4, dear lord...) Is there a particular boss that trips you up in Ten Desires? I do agree that Sakuya is disproportionately difficult. I don't remember having nearly as much trouble with Remilia.

For some reason I found the PC-98 games a bit easier than the Windows games, maybe because the danmaku was not as dense. SoEW was also only 5 stages long, which helped for me because the longer I play a game of Touhou, the sloppier my playing gets. So a 5-stage story is easier for me to complete even if the game is more intense, because I'm not flagging as badly at the end. Same thing for Fairy Wars, which is only three stages.
5 år siden
MurasaI've played all the main games. I never really got into the half games, especially the fighters, but I've been trying my hand at Fairy Wars and Shoot the Bullet lately. I'm not sure I could pick a favorite, but it would probably be Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Mountain of Faith, or Ten Desires. While I like the half games for unique gameplay, in the end I prefer straight up danmaku.

Also it really irks me that I've reached a point where I'm not getting any better. I 1cc'd Imperishable Night on normal once, and cleared Perfect Cherry Blossom on normal once. I have yet to do either again. It probably doesn't help that I usually stop playing because I Get frustrated after dying. What do you play on, usually?

I find the half games mostly fun, although it took me a while to figure out the fighters-- so many moves to learn. Shoot the Bullet drove me crazy with frustration sometimes too. I know the feeling where you've reached a wall. It can be really discouraging to practice all the time, but keep losing at the same part. :/ I tried to 1cc EoSD for two weeks, practicing once a day, and I never made it past Sakuya. So I gave up and haven't really tried to 1cc any of those earlier Windows games.

In general I play on Normal, although there are a couple games I play on Easy like SA and UFO. It's funny that you mention Mountain of Faith, it's the one game I've never beaten. Even on Easy mode I can never survive Kanako's final spell, lol. The only games I've 1cc'd on Normal are Story of Eastern Wonderland, Lotus Land Story, Ten Desires, and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Aside from those I've also unlocked Extra for PoFV and Fairy Wars, but only because you could unlock extra without 1cc'ing Normal for those games.
5 år siden
MurasaThankies. So, do you play the games?

Yes I do. I've played all of them except for Hisoutensoku. I have a copy of it so I'm going to play it sooner or later-- but I need a break first, because I just finished playing through all the story modes on SWR.

Do you have a favorite game? My favorite overall is probably Subterranean Animism, although in terms of pure gameplay, I really liked Fairy Wars too. Something about freezing tons of bullets was really satisfying.
5 år siden
Welcome to MFC, fellow Touhou fan :)
5 år siden

Sweet Miku collection
Thank you very much!
5 år siden
MurasaThank you.


No problem, Beach Queen.
5 år siden
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