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Simply a young woman who likes anime and manga way too much. Writes for Rice Digital from time to time. Follow on twitter: @misscuppa

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Happy Birthday! ^^
1 år siden
Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great one. ^^
2 år siden
NijiOnna (2 år siden) #15692543Noooooo D: What can we talk about? Anime? Video games? ...Yogscast? Er...
Well, it's ok. A conversation coming to an end doesn't mean we can't chat ever again. Just message me whenever :)

Oh I think we could go on forever about anime and video games if we just tried. xD

Yeah, that's true. :) Well, I'm glad I gathered the courage to say hi! You're of course welcome to message me too if you ever feel like it. Guess I could always bother you some more on twitter for now. :P
2 år siden
NijiOnna (2 år siden) #15556093Yep! First Pokemon game for me was Pokemon Blue. Yourself? The alolan forms really were a great idea. The alolan ninetails is gorgeous and definitely my favourite. Pretty excited to hear that Pokemon games are going to be developed for the recently announced Nintendo Switch too. Looks like a tidy little console.
My first was Yellow, the special Pikachu you got was pretty cool. Oh I'm with you, alolan Ninetails is easily my favourite too! It's so beautiful. <3 I hope you can catch Vulpix early on. The Switch looks pretty neat, don't really have much more of an opinion on it yet though. I usually don't get new consoles on or shortly after release anyway.

Looks like we're running short on things to talk about. D:
2 år siden
NijiOnna (2 år siden) #15487323A summer experience sounds wonderful (especially the fireworks, yukatas and kimonos!). I doubt I’d be able to hack the summer heat though. The heat over there gets crazy! A fhána concert, eh? Sounds exciting. Are they your favourite Japanese pop band? I’d like to see T.M.Revolution myself.
If there are lots of games you want, then you totally should! The new Pokémon games are definitely something to look forward to. The demo came out today and it looks like they’re going to be a lot of fun :)

The heat would kill me as well, I've never been good at dealing with it. :/ The aforementioned fireworks and yukatas (you girls get all the pretty things...) should serve as decent distractions from it though. :P Oh yeah, fhána is a big favourite! I loooove towana's, their vocalist, singing voice! <3 T.M. Revolution is pretty cool too! I personally prefer his rockier abingdon boys school stuff though.

Yeah, I'm actually pretty excited to play a pokemon game again! The alolan forms are a cool way to revisit the old pokemon. I take you've been at it since first gen as well?
2 år siden
NijiOnna (2 år siden) #15373152Nooo! xD Ah, Google-sensei can explain it better than me:
‘Car boot sales or boot fairs are a form of market in which private individuals come together to sell household and garden goods. They are popular in the United Kingdom, where they are often referred to simply as 'car boots'. The term refers to the selling of items from a car's boot.’
Not the most glamourous way to sell things, but there’s lots of them in my area. Went to lots of very big car boot sales as a kid too! Haha, he mostly went there for the food, but he made sure he saw lots of shines, monuments and architecture too. He spent most of his time exploring Tokyo. He said he was very tempted to buy Gundam figure kits (he loves them), but even then he decided against it and spent his money on street food and fancy dishes instead. It wouldn’t be my choice, but I can see why he’d want to spend all his money on delicious Japanese food :)
If I went to Japan my first stop would be Akihabara! I’d go on a shopping binge and try out the neko café! Visiting Tashirojima could be interesting too, although it might make me a bit sad (all those cats without proper homes T-T). Ōkunoshima too! I also want to visit the Studio Ghibli museum and shop at the Pokémon Centre. I want to visit Nara and meet the bowing deer. I want to go to Osaka and see the cherry blossoms and Osaka castle and, and…! Yeah, just lots of things ^^() What about you? What would you like to do in Japan?
Some Pegasus knights would be great! I’d love a figure of Hinoka or Shigure. A 3DS, eh? It’s definitely worth thinking about, so long as there are plenty of games you want to play (but yeah, Fire Emblem Fates is awesome!).

Aah, that makes more sense. Even if it isn't a very glamorous way to sell things, it does sound pretty convenient. Sounds like he had a great time! Food is indeed a valid reason to go.

Haha, looks like you already have it all planned out! I immediately started thinking of catgirls and catdudes when you mentioned the neko café, then I remembered it's one with actual cats. :P The cherry blossoms is something I'd love to see too! Akihabara would definitely be the first stop for me too. Got to raid all the maid cafés! Or at least check one out, I think it would be a pretty embarrassing experience to be honest. I would also love to go to a summer festival and experience the atmosphere there, watching the fireworks would of course be a big reason to go too! Maybe even see if I can try a boring guy yukata. It'd be wonderful if I could catch a fhána concert during the trip too!

Getting a 3DS is something I've been thinking about for a long time. xD Didn't really think it was worth it before but now there are plenty of games I want, the Fire Emblem and Ace Attorney games being the ones I want the most. I saw they're releasing a pearl white New 3DS XL next month, so I might just get that. Just in time for the new Pokémon games too, I haven't played a main Pokémon game in a long long time!
2 år siden
NijiOnna (2 år siden) #15283942It sounds really sweet and crafty. I wish we had something like that around here. We have a few car boots, auctions and antique fairs (I think we had a craft fair a while back), but they’re all on a very small scale. No cornfield mazes or fireworks.
Same. I’ve no idea how he was able to do it alone! He saw a lot, although he barely spent any time at Akihabara. He didn’t buy any anime merch either! I was a tad disappointed in him xD
Ah, that sucks! Thank goodness there’re plenty of English options. Noooo! I see too much Miku on the web as it is. I don’t want to see her in my dreams too! X_x Yeah, hopefully Good Smile Company will do the same for FE Fates. A figure of Azura would be amazing! It’d be nice if we got some male figures from them this time too (I really want a scale figure of Xander) >.<

Car boots? Are those roller skates that run on fuel? :P That's a shame, everyone deserve to have events with fireworks!

Then why did he even go to Japan?! xD But I guess there are plenty of fun stuff to see there that isn't anime-related. What would you do in Japan if/when you could go there?

Haha, I wish I could see Miku in my dreams...
Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing some male figures. I'm sure plenty of guys would be interested in that too considering the popularity of the franchise, and you ladies deserve some love as well. I hope you get your Xander figure. :) I would love to see a figure of one of the pegasus knights, with the horsie and everything, as they're my favourite unit in the games. Probably difficult to sculpt though, and it would most likely cost a couple of fortunes. But still!

All this Fire Emblem talk makes me want to play the games. Maybe it's time to finally get a 3DS. :(
2 år siden
NijiOnna (2 år siden) #15193584Festival? Fireworks? That sounds like a lot of fun! :o I’ve been keeping busy but haven’t been up to much in particular. I caught up with a friend that got back from Japan last week (super jealous of him), so that was pretty fun :)
You got to experience Harvest Moon before I did! I first played it on the GameCube. There was only one console so I had to take turns playing the game with my brother too, haha.
Yep. Thankfully there are a few more options for UK anime fans these days (so long as you know where to look). Is it still very difficult in Sweden? I absolutely understand where you’re coming from with those Nekopara figures. I really don’t like nendoroids/chibi figures either. They just feel lazy to me. They get rid of all the detail that helps make a character so wonderful in the first place. I understand why people like the cute look (and the fact that they’re more cost effective), but they’re definitely not for me. I was really disappointed to see that the latest Fire Emblem Fates figures were mostly nendoroids. :(

Yeah, there are places all over the island where people sell crops, art and various other things they've made themselves. One place has a labyrinth they made out of a cornfield, walking around in there under a starry sky is quite the experience!
I'd be jealous too. :P I'm not much for travelling, but Japan is a place I would love to visit someday. I'm much too shy to go there on my own though. :(

Around 10 years ago we had a decent amount of both anime DVDs and manga in Swedish but they all seem to be gone now. I followed Nana and Yotsuba&! back then, and the publishing of those just suddenly stopped without a word. It's like anime and manga were just a fad that came and went. Guess there's just no market for it here, I think the Swedish fans that actually buy their anime and manga prefer the much wider (and more up to date) selection of English releases.

Exactly! You'd need a special shame corner to display nendoroids if you have any proper scale figures. :P But speak too ill of them and Mikudayo (ITEM #117503) will come haunt you in your dreams!
That's too bad. :/ I saw Good Smile released some beautiful Fire Emblem Awakening figures. Or well, one beautiful figure, the other one was pretty much just a big butt. So let's hope they can give Fates some love too.
2 år siden
NijiOnna (2 år siden) #15147169Ack! So Sorry! X_x How have you been?
Stardew Valley seems like a pretty good game! I still haven’t finished Story of Seasons yet, and with Trio of Towns and Skytree Village coming out soon, I probably won’t get round to playing it T_T
Ah I see. Back then I didn’t know it called anime either. We had a few channels that aired anime (Cartoon Network, Toonami and Fox), but even then it wasn’t all that common. Other than the anime you mentioned, I also got to watch Escaflowne, Medabots, Beyblade, Outlaw Star and Tenchi Muyo. I think America was the luckiest in that regard :(
Otome games need more figure-love. I bet you’re happy that Sekai Project are bringing out Nekopara figures :)

Haha, no worries. I know I'm a very forgettable person. :(
I've been good! The local island had their annual harvest festival this weekend, so that was pretty fun. I mainly went for the fireworks though. How about you? :)

Stardew Valley is a very good game! Although I stopped playing it a while ago now. Would like to check out multiplayer for it whenever they release that. I wish I could play all those games! But I don't have a 3DS. The first Harvest Moon I played was one for the GBC, my brother and I took turns playing for hours on end. Very dangerous games. :P

I did catch an episode or two of Medabots when I was at my dad's place, I remember liking it. At mom's we only had Nickelodeon. Yeah, I think America still is the luckiest in that regard. UK seems to be getting better at keeping up with licenses these days though!

Both yes and no. While it's certainly cool that Nekopara is getting figures, I don't really like nendoroids/chibi figures. :/
2 år siden
*pokes with Stick of Reminder+2*

2 år siden
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