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Om Meg

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Hello there, I'm Aria~
It's honestly hard for me to write profiles, not because I don't know what to say, but because it's almost impossible for me to keep it at an easily readable length. Perhaps I'll write a proper 10-page autobiography and link it here sometime~ For now, I'll do my best to write about myself and what I'm looking for without it turning into a novel! ♪

The first thing that should probably be brought up is just how insane the life I've lived has been. I feel like there are very few people out there who can relate to everything that has happened so far to me.
Let's see... I was orphaned and have been on my own since 18, I spent $110,000 in six months, I've lost most or all my belongings six times, and ended up homeless three times. All in the span of the last 5 years!
The latest half of my life has been an increasingly unfourtunate sequence of events that some might feel is so extreme that I'm simply making it up for the sake of drawing attention or standing out.
And to those who can't possibly imagine anyone going through even half of what I have, know that you are truly blessed (or lucky) to have living families that care and the proper opportunities to advance in our troubled capitalist society~

Now then, if you thought I was going to continue on by lamenting about how horrible my experiences have been and how I was undeserving of them, then I'm pleased to say that... *bzzzt* you are incorrect! ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I mean, everything happened for a clear reason. My parents died because they neglected their diabeties. I made horrendous decisions, wasted all that money and have nothing to show for it. I moved in with someone after knowing them for five days, so I ended up trapping myself for years with someone I didn't realize would end up being toxic. More bad decisions.
And that's just the physical side of it all.
I could write a whole other novel about my spirituality, but to put it simply, these are the "trials" I had to go through in order to figure out important things about myself and gain the strength that I had been missing.
I had to walk a tightrope of death in order to see how to truly live.
I had to be submerged in the darkness in order to understand myself and befriend the part of me that I had always pushed away as a monster.
I had to lose everything in order to understand how to gain anything.

The experiences I've had, no matter how maddening and unbearable they seemed in the moment, have advanced and taught me more than anything else ever could have. So, for that, it's hard to fully regret all the mistakes I made that led me here.
I can (and often do) say "Dammit, if I hadn't wasted all that money or made that stupid decision, I'd still have a car and wouldn't have to walk to work!" and no matter how positive I wish to be about my experiences, the fact that I "fucked up" remains true.
My life is difficult at the moment, and it is because I made so many mistakes in the past. That will always be true even if I have grown tenfold as a person.

And if you are thinking, "Well, at least you've become the best person you feel like you can be now, because of all this! Surely it'll make the struggles much easier."
Then that is also incorrect.
For as much as I've grown from the person I initially was, as much as I have learned and understand now, I am still a far, far ways off from being satisfied with who I am. I realize that, despite everything, the journey is still far from over. What I went through was merely the first part to lead me here, and that there are far more lessons and experiences to be had. But now I am in the correct mindstate to take them on and properly learn from them.
I believe everyone's life is full of experiences that they can learn from, though it is always up to them whether they decide to have that strength and improve themselves or not.
The path I walk is just a very difficult one, but I admit it is exactly right for me to advance. ^^;; And because of that, I don't fear it.
The truth is that I struggle with immense amounts of social anxiety, depression, disassociation, all of that. I've never seen a therapist and I don't plan to. Because I don't want some medicine that's going to cover it up, I want to actually overcome it.

...This is ending up as a huge wall of text anyway. xD Oh well.
Some might be wondering "Okay, this is interesting and all but this is a dating profile! Why aren't you talking about your material interests more?"
I obviously do have material interests and preferences, but to me, if someone can't connect with me as a person, then none of that matters.
If someone can't read through what I've written so far and have some sort of understanding of it (even if they haven't had the same experiences) then they aren't right for me.
Because, the *number one* most important thing to me that takes precedence above all else in a relationship is spiritual/mental/emotional growth.
I don't believe in being satisfied with the person you currently are.
I often meet people who go through some tough experience or two, and then they grow a bit from it and start saying that they're satisfied.
And then they never improve further.
I don't mean to judge, though. If many are truly satisfied with their level of growth and seek nothing more, then that is entirely up to them.
But for me, I won't be satisfied until I've reached spiritual ascension/nirvana/whatever you wish to call it. That is the end goal, and still I think there is more beyond even that.
I've been pretty vague so far but here's a little belief of mine to cause some controversy: I believe it is the destiny of humans to become gods. Living through life in this world, the suffering, the happiness, all of it, if it is learned from and understood and used to improve oneself, it is the very path of godhood. Above all, one must seek to understand and advance themselves in every way, in whatever path feels correct to them.
I do believe there is some sort of ultimate God who might be a creator or the source of all life, but I vehemently disagree with the common notion that God has any sort of personality or preferences or needs to be worshipped or relied upon.

And in response, I imagine 75% of you will think, "Pffft that's a load of bullshit! I mean, look around at our society! All we do is work, make friends, have fun and then die! Obviously there's no greater meaning." (and the other 25% will go on some religious spiel about Jesus and their idea of God)
Current human society (government, politics, etc.) is nothing but a trap to help prevent people from advancing themselves. A distraction that causes all sorts of chaos like dividing people based on ideas and whatnot. Society and it's issues and the ways it holds people back is a whole world of issues that I could write several novels about, so I don't care to get much into it here. xD

The point is, ascension is the path I choose to walk. My entire life, I have always felt some sort of deep spiritual calling and I recognize that all the events and mistakes in my life have meaning both physically and spiritually.
And I believe a romantic partner should be one who helps you along that path, and seeks that path for themself as well.
I have tried being in a romantic relationship with several people who shared interests with me and who I liked as people and related with in other ways, but I found that because they lacked the desire to advance themselves, it held me back as well and just didn't feel right.

So, this is the reason I went on this huge spiel about all of this first - if you can't understand the concepts I've been talking about until now, I respectfully ask that you go ahead and leave now and not waste either of our time.
If you are content to just chill and watch stuff on a screen or play games and don't seek anything more, then that isn't right for me.
I have had people who do message me from time to time and tell me that they don't get it but what I say interests them and they are curious about self-improvement and want my help. If that is you, I unfourtunetly can't offer any individual help at this time, because it is currently still taking everything that I have to just live from day to day. However, I recommend looking through this Facebook page to start with, they post some good stuff that I wholeheartedly agree with: www.facebook.co....
And to help understand the ills of our current society (beyond what people tend to talk about on social media, even they often miss the greater point) I highly recommend this page: www.facebook.co...
I am deeply sorry that all I can offer are facebook pages at the moment, but maybe in the future I can write a book or tutor people. xD

Well, if you've made it this far I guess I can talk about preferences and material interests! Just know that they really don't matter much to me in the big picture.

I've been an anime nerd since middle school. I was really hardcore into it for a while and had dakimakuras and figures and waifus and all that stuff. But these days I think 99% of what comes out is trash. I maybe watch one episode of anime a day. Once in a blue moon there is an anime that comes out that I find interesting, but that's it. I mostly just watch older stuff from my endless backlog. xD My top 3 anime are Madoka Magica, Devilman: Crybaby, and Shakugan no Shana. Top 3 waifus are Homura Akemi, Saya (Saya no Uta), and Shana because I relate to them. =P Top 3 manga are Kodomo no Jikan (yeah, you heard me), Gakuen Alice, and The Water Dragon's Bride.
When it comes to romantic pairings and ships, my favorite are age gaps, incest, and anything that is forbidden~ But my most favorite are Deity/Supernatural Being x Human pairings. ♡

Yeah, even in my material tastes, I'm a fucking weirdo. :D
If you thought you were gonna get a break from the strangeness here, you were wrong!

I also love t
Ghost Adventures, Star Trek, Currently airing anime
My own stories.
Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Disgaea, Final Fantasy, DDR, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Visual Novels, Touhou, MMORPG's
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