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PeterStKing (5 måneder siden) #25773150Hello!
Sorry to bother you. I am interested in buying the CardCaptor Sakura figma that you have for sale.
I sent you a private message about it, but did not receive an answer.
I am only commenting because I noticed that you posted some pictures of the figure. Maybe you did not see my message?
Thank you

Hey! :D
I'm so sorry :( I did write you a reply but obviously it didn't send, I've been using my mobile and sometimes when I send a pm my browser refreshes the page so it must of just refreshed and not sent the message and I have't had much time to get on MFC that much this week due to a busy scheduel ^^;;

I did sell the figma on Friday, I uploaded some pics of the figma for the buyer cause they wanted to see the figma before i posted it off :(
I am so sorry about this and take full responsibility for it! :(
5 måneder siden
Welcome to the board PeterStKing! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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