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«I collect, therefore I am.»
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Welcome to my profile!


As you can see, my collection mostly consists of merchandise related to Touhou Project with a strong focus on official goods and, of course, figures, other merchandise and, mainly, Doujinshi.

I also enjoy playing the Touhou games and have recently begun uploading older replays to Youtube (see my channel in the upper right if you're interested!) and, after a longer hiatus, want to finally tackle the games I have yet to play on the highest difficulty level.

In addition to that, I strongly enjoy adding new entries to the database and engaging in (hopefully) friendly exchanges on certain rules and problematic entries, though right now I primarily hope that one day, we'll be able to add Doujin CD's and games among other media, but that's for the future.

As for my collection, in recent times, I have, once again, only been focusing on the series I have favourited, but again, the primary focus will always be Touhou Project, a series I have been enjoying since early 2009 when I first discovered it, focusing on collecting the games, music CD's, various merchandise, Doujinshi and eventually figures, though the latter have mostly died out, unfortunately.

Either way, should you have any questions or anything you want to talk about, please feel free to contact me anytime.
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Final Fantasy XI, Touhou Project, Yomawari
MOE Poeng
Females, sufficiently feminine males
Open to everything.
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Hey, Happy new year to yoo too ! Well, the start of this year isn't that great until now so i settled to stay positive as possible haha. How do you feel to have free time again ?
8 dager siden
Glad to have been able to help! For my part, your entries for circles and artists have been most helpful. Sad to say that I had been capitalising the p in pixiv for a long while until I had my eyes opened by one of your edits ^_^
13 dager siden
Hey, wieviel willst du denn pro Dojin haben?
22 dager siden
Bought a couple of books and they all arrived quickly and in great condition! Very much recommend this seller.
2 måneder siden
Since I couldn't leave a review on the thing anymore.

It arrived perfectly~ and I appreciate it again for all the patience and putting up with my constant naggin for updates. I'd love to do business again when my interest strikes once more. Thank you again for everything sir.
4 måneder siden
Thank you ! I talked a bit to lorddralnu about them to improve (decorate?) shop links so feel free to use them if you want (but it'll be even more great if kumasanmk could add them as a feature)

9 måneder siden
darkfader lolicon
IKR. Too much content. I myself thought I had somewhat caught up with the doujinshi I really liked, but now keep finding new ones and interest shift slowly toward other authors too. I just added some new pics of stuff I received today. Yesterday I saw some dozen on my wished items I already had ordered or owned (with duplicate image search on my machine). Probably even more not on my wishlist, but I only do automated title matching. Titles are often not matching 100%.
10 måneder siden
darkfader lolicon
Hi. Just wondering if you've decided to keep collecting doujinshi other than Touhou or something. Did you manage to sell more doujinshi?
10 måneder siden
Hey !
I've recently bought some Studio ParM ITEM #532482 and i seen you've already added them into the database so i have a little question :
Why did you used the on'yomi reading for the title ? Did it mentionned into the book or anything ?
10 måneder siden
Nemesis Unlimited Fetish Works
Lepetit89 (10 måneder siden) #31347629Hey, herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!
Dankeschön! :)
10 måneder siden
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