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Om Meg

Hello! I'm a pretty shy loser and I love cute girls (especially Super Pochaco). (*^v^*)

I've cut back on my figure collecting some, but I still love to obsess over some of my favourites series (Di Gi Charat, Yotsuba&!, Haibane Renmei) and characters (Sailor Saturn, Yotsuba, Super Pochaco, Kirby)!



Pomelo3 år siden#20005485Hi! Thanks for the fr!

you're most welcome! Thank you for accepting me! ^^
3 år siden
Pomelo3 år siden#17917470Thank you! That picture is pretty old and not so great as I was in the middle of redoing my room, so their set up is a little nicer now hehe~
Which dolls do you have?

hehe i have a lot of the signature girls and boys! the only ones i don't have are meowlody, purrsephone, original catrine, original skelita (i have art class versions of both of them, though), batsy claro, kjersti, iris, and whisp. i'm missing most of the signature boys: clawd, deuce, holt, and neighthan. have some other misc characters as well... i also don't have any of the reboot dolls, but i'm considering getting an abbey because she's my favourite. i got into monster high/doll collecting a year or two before i got into figure collecting, so it's been a while since i started lol.
3 år siden
nice to see someone else with monster high dolls on mfc~ good luck finding shelving btw, i like your overall setup and envy the amount of space you have lol
3 år siden
Pomelo3 år siden#15975558Hi! Thanks for the friend request!

You're welcome ^^
3 år siden
Pomelo4 år siden#14007544Thanks! I'd wanted her for a really long time too and was lucky to find her for a decent price preowned on Amiami. She's definitely worth it! I hope you can get her some day too.
Thanks, me too! I've been eyeing her on Solaris, but my next Pochaco will for sure be her Beer Girl version, since I found it for a good price preowned on Mandarake recently. (:
4 år siden
Pomelo4 år siden#14005902Hey! Just wanted to say great avatar choice, hehe. Pochaco is the best. ❤︎
Thank you!! Sooo jealous that you have her bunny figure; she's an ultimate grail for me. <3
4 år siden
Pomelo4 år siden#6207787Hey, thanks for adding me! Do we already know each other from another site?

Hey, I think we follow each other on tumblr although I'm don't blog too much, my username is Vylitt on there. I saw that you had a mfc page so I'd thought I'd add you. Hope that's alright. ^_^
4 år siden
Pomelo4 år siden#4436555Thanks for the friend request!

it's my pleasure^^ I always get really excited when I find another Ontario collector.
4 år siden
I really like your collection!
5 år siden
Hahaha, no worries! I figured I'd add a few people from VO.
5 år siden
Anime, Figures and Manga For Less!

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