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Woah, hey. How'd you get here?
My name is Lori. I love Touhou, DR, and Love Live!
I've stopped actively collecting much since around 2014.




Rainney (4 år siden) #2775730Thanks for the FR! Lovely Touhou collection. *^*
Hello !
Thank you very much! :3
4 år siden
Rainney (4 år siden) #2775728Hey, thanks for the FR :D Nice collection!Thank you! c:
4 år siden
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
4 år siden
Happy Birthday !
4 år siden
Happy Birthday~!!!

Enjoy this day~!
4 år siden
Rainney (4 år siden) #2449653Kodaka Kazutaka in a Famitsu interview. It was actually an interview about the DR live play. Here's the post if you wanna read it. I wish we got an actual translation of the interview though. ; ;
oh so according to this, drae is a success, like the previous games, that's good
I want to watch the full interview ;-;
4 år siden
Rainney (4 år siden) #2439613I have no idea what it's gonna be.. he just hinted at it being in the works or something. I hope it's that, though! I'd really like to witness that moment too.. ;v;
who did?
4 år siden
Rainney (4 år siden) #2425890Aw! Don't be shy about it, I love getting FR on here, especially from people on tumblr. uvu And thank you!
I really love your Shimakazes btw *^* Are you planning to collect more of them?

Yeap! I don't think I will purchase anything other than what I currently have preordered until next year, but if I get enough money I will get GSC's 1/8 scale ;_; So expensive... Also I'm trying to get her trading figures on rakuten when I can o:
4 år siden
Rainney (4 år siden) #2433671Happy Halloween!
I've always been into games and series with that sort of plot, so really love the story. But I love the characters so much.. ;_;
BTW, I'm not 100% sure if it's true, but apparently Kodaka hinted at there being a DR3 in the works during a recent interview. I know it's too early to get excited, but.... I'M EXCITED. ;;;; HOPE for Komaeda.

Happy Halloween to you too!~
Yeah, Its almost impossible to hate the characters!
DR3? you mean a game that will show us what happened after SDR2? oh my god are you serious??
I hope for komaeda so much, I just want to see this precious child waking up ;______________;
4 år siden
Rainney (4 år siden) #2429800I.. I didn't think about that. ;A; I'd probably cry a lot.
I've always been so conflicted on that. I don't want any of them to suffer, but the plot is really what got me into the games in the first place.

Same here ;4;
Yeah, the plot is very good, interesting and original I must say!
and the characters are amazing
4 år siden
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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!