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Non-MFC Figures and Goods

- - FIGURES - -
Ribose - DLC Tea Party Cats Vol. 1 Li Howe (Ordered)
Reverse Studio x MERRY GOODS Fly Agaric Mushroom Girl (Ordered)

- - o - -
- - GOODS - -
Acrylic Stand: Venti (Owned)
Acrylic Stand: Razor (Owned)
Acrylic Stand: Hu Tao (Owned)
Acrylic Stand: Xinyan (Ordered)
Acrylic Phone Stand: Venti (Ordered)

- - o - -

Om Meg

Hiii and welcome to my page - I'm Quill (he/him)! ^w^

I had a five year break from figure collecting, but got back into it along with anime/manga again in 2021. I told myself I'd stick to just figures and not get into goods like acrylic stands, but you can see how that's going in my collection lol.

Anime and manga aren't my main interests or fandoms, so my collection is mostly everlasting favourites like Vocaloid and Madoka Magica, but I'm slowly getting into some newer series, and picking up figures from western properties, as well as OC figures by Chinese companies!

My current dream announcements:
+ My Genshin faves Itto, Gorou, Hu Tao and Xinyan (Venti already releasing :^D)
+ Arcane figures (they're literally already 3D models. Viktor and Jayce figures my wallet is open. please turn these men into Nendoroids at least)
+ K/DA Akali…(I missed the Ahri pre-orders already and I'm dying about it)

Best Goods from Japan

Om Oss

The Terror, Arcane, Hannibal, What We Do in the Shadows
Temeraire, His Dark Materials, Realm of the Elderlings, Rivers of London, Lord of the Rings
Dishonored, Skyrim, Genshin Impact, Sky: Children of the Light, Project Sekai