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Haven't heard from you yet but did want to say that the American Witchblade figures I have are in deep storage (like, out of state) so it might be a while before I can get to them. They're the ones from Moore. I can't remember exactly which ones I have but I think I have a couple of the Wizard exclusives. Not sure if I have anything Vampirella; maybe some random comics. I have action figures from Crimson if you're looking for other vampire-related items, haha.
6 måneder siden
Hey there! Unfortunately the only anime Witchblade item I have is the Reina/Cloneblade figure from Organic. If you're looking for American Witchblade I've got action figures, posters, comics, and misc items; for the live-action series I've got one-sheet (27x40) posters. LMK if any of those interest you. Thanks!
7 måneder siden
Thworsh (3 år siden) #2700616Payment received, please try yo leave feedback once all is said and done/received to your satisfaction - Thanks!

Item received in perfect condition. Fast shipping and great communication.

Thanks a lot! :D
3 år siden
Thworsh (3 år siden) #2618807Tracking soon, probably going out tomorrow

Perfect, thank you!
3 år siden
Thworsh (3 år siden) #2615182Hi again. ^_^ Did you get them?
I got them, thanks! Sorry, been a busy weekend. I replied to your PM c:
3 år siden
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value