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Om Meg

- I have 2 cats; a domestic shorthair called Mia and a Ragdoll x Siamese called Leo

- Been collecting figures for a very long time but only started to really get into the hobby in the beginning of 2018

- Usually collect scales (rip wallet-kun (⋟﹏⋞)) and a few cute nendos here and there

- I enjoy watching psychological thrillers and anything with magical girls

- I am VERY lactose intolerant but that does not stop me from drinking lots of bubble tea ┐(´д`)┌

I always love to meet new people so feel free to leave me a comment or send over a friend request!

Thanks for dropping by!





Ah, that's a shame. She definitely looks like she would fit, seeing as you can fit QoH in there. But good luck with working on a new display, I'm sure it will be as pretty!

PS. On second thought, maybe not. PICTURE #2368723 Mermaid seems to a tad taller than QoH.
3 måneder siden
I also thought Cheshire Cat would be a sexy bishounen figure! So much potential there...
4 måneder siden
Yay!!! Add her to one of your beautiful white panel shelves.. she will look beautiful. (Ps. But you have to get rid of someone in the display. That display shelf of yours is one of my favourite photos btw).

I am also waiting for Cheshire to be painted to decide if I want to get her.. they seem to be taking quite some time though, so I was wondering if they decided to change certain aspects of the figure like they did White Rabbit.
4 måneder siden
Myethos figures are really just awesome, aren't they? All that's left now is Alice.

Ps. Did you get the Mermaid?
6 måneder siden
Wishing you a very happy birthday!!

Ps. I saw my post below 7 months ago, and happy that I now have both the wishlist figures I mentioned :D
6 måneder siden
Thank you :D
1 år siden
Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your collection photos! :D Real jealous that you have Stardust, and Deep Sea Miku... two of my absolute wishlist figures <3
1 år siden
Thank you so much!! The picture is super cute as well

1 år siden
Ahhhh!~ I absolutely love your collection!! Like, almost every picture I wanted to comment on.. So instead of spamming, I decided to leave a big, cohesive one here
I love how you organized your figures! Everything looks so neat and pretty to look at! And I have to say you have great taste in figures, though maybe I'm just saying that because it's similar to mine, lol
Also I'm weak for Pokemon so whenever I see it in someone's collection I can't help but get excited!

Anyway, your collection is the stuff of dreams. Thank you for posting!☆
1 år siden
Happy birthday! <3
1 år siden
Japan's #1 Collector Toy Company

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